Hollywood Party Pool


Pool Owner: David R.

Pool Designer/Builder: Don Goldstone Of Ultimate Water Creations

Location: Brentwood, CA


·      Multiple waterfalls and rock landscaping

·      Hidden drop down movie screen

·      State of the art, built in A/V equipment

·      Pet entrance for owner’s dog

·      Glass pebble finish on the pool bottom


David is a Hollywood talent manager to the stars of stage and screen. He’s always wanted a pool and thought that it was ridiculous to live in Sunny Southern California without a tropical oasis to call his own. However, David didn’t want just any pool. David wanted a place where his actor clients and entertainment friends could congregate, party and enjoy themselves. David contacted Don who helped realize his own entertainment oriented pool. David loves Hawaii and wanted to create his own lush tropical backdrop. With his love of movies and film, Don and David devised a hidden movie screen that drops down from behind the main waterfall. With speakers hidden in the rocks, and a projector housed far away from the action, this is the ultimate pool for entertaining the Hollywood Stars, under the Hollywood stars! Not only is it a perfect place to relax and catch a flick, they even devised an entrance for David’s disabled dog to enter the pool so the pooch can do his doggie, water exercises!