Hannah & Jessica


Jessica & Hannah

Age: 19

Fort Worth, Texas

Welcome to the real-life world of “Bring It On,” Extreme Sister edition! Meet Jessica and Hannah, lovingly known as the Spirit of Texas Twins (SOT Twins.) If they’re bright red hair and piercing blue eyes don’t catch you off-guard, they’re incredible death-defying backflips, tumbling and in the air tosses are sure to shock and amaze you. Born to the parents of a pediatric emergency doctor and a stay at home mom, the twins have always had an odd and bizarre relationship. Even in the cradle they couldn’t sleep unless they were together and touching one another! Now, as adults they can’t be more than three feet away from one another. They constantly have to be touching and have to remind themselves that they can’t hold hands in public. Mom and dad have to constantly remind them, that, “you’re the weird ones! Siblings don’t usually do that!”


Cheerleading has been a passion for the past seven years. It’s brought them joy, comradery and an outlet for self-expression. However, during a routine tumbling rehearsal Hannah landed wrong and suffered a very severe concussion. The brain injury left Hannah in the hospital for several weeks. It took her awhile to remember who she was and regain her personality. Jessica is the only one who helped her make any progress during that time. Now, Hannah is fully recovered, however she has short term memory loss and issues with reading and working with numbers. Although she is cleared by doctors to continue in cheerleading, it’s still very risky. If she lands and hits her head the wrong way, it’s over for her. But for Hannah, cheerleading is all she knows and loves and so she wishes to continue. Hannah also had to drop out of college during this period in her life, so really, cheerleading is all she has.


As members of an elite cheerleading team, Hannah and Jessica are living together and are currently training for their upcoming season. They have won national titles in the past and they are vying for even more awards and accolades. As this is their last year in the world of cheer, another national title means the world to them. And it’s not simply about winning a trophy, after cheerleading ends, the girls want to pursue a career in the cheerleading industry, making these wins all the more important to their long-term plans. Because of Hannah’s injury there are very few life paths that make sense for her career-wise and coaching cheerleading could very well be her next step. Hannah and Jessica are currently navigating a competitive cheerleading season with a shot at first in nationals while trying to answer big life questions: what do our lives look like after college? What and how will Hannah survive in the real-world once cheerleading is done? Will she be able to find work and a lifestyle that works for both of them?