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Mother: Gwen (63)

Daughter: Lauren (26)

Atlanta, Georgia


“Long Island Lovelies”

The Persichetti’s are a loud, opinionated, unfiltered, quintessential Catholic-Italian-Long-Island Family who happened to find themselves living in Atlanta. They’re truly a stark contrast to the laid back, proper and simplistic lifestyle of most Southern families. Ms. Gwen, as she’s known, is the matriarch of the family, who is especially close to her, “princess” Lauren. In fact, Gwen believes that a mother’s job is NEVER done, despite having an adult daughter. She still washes her daughter laundry, including her underwear, she quizzes her about every life choice she makes, from her birth control to amount of times she has sex, to what she’s wearing, how she decorates her apartment, what she cooks, even her weight. They’re a strict Catholic family so tattoos are a no-go, so Gwen will sneak into the bathroom while Lauren is showering to ensure no daughter of hers has a tattoo! …and now the biggest life event for both Lauren and Gwen is on the horizon: a proposal and a wedding.  

Gwen and her husband, Bert, have 5 children together and Lauren is her only daughter, and although she loves her sons, Lauren is the center of Gwen's life. Lauren and Gwen are joined at the hip and love to do everything together - including attending each other's monthly bikini wax appointments and their annual visits the gynecologist! Their other favorite activity is to book a couple's massage and be able to enjoy the dim lighting, champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries with each other. 

Gwen retired six months ago from a career as a private chef and is trying to get footing on her new routine without work in her daily life.  Much to a Catholic mother’s dismay, Lauren recently moved out into an apartment with her boyfriend of 3 years, Josh. Gwen is having an extremely hard time with letting go and allowing Lauren to have a place of her own. Especially without a ring on her finger. Gwen thinks it’s extremely inappropriate for her daughter to be living with a man that she isn’t engaged to. It’s not proper and it’s not how it’s done. Gwen has been hiding the fact that Lauren is living with her boyfriend from all of her friends at church. Josh says that Lauren is "the one" and that engagement is in their future together, but as far as Gwen is concerned, Josh is already way behind schedule and Gwen's not afraid to tell him. What Lauren and Josh are doing is not right in the eyes of the church, and in her opinion if the two are not engaged by Christmas she will intervene and move Lauren back home.

Gwen absolutely misses having Lauren at home and she is having separation anxiety. Their mother/daughter sleepovers, constant texting and phone calls aren't enough for either of them. Lauren is a marketing coordinator and she goes to her mom's house for lunch every day since it’s only 10 minutes from her office. Lauren and Gwen love to spend the night at each other's houses and sleep in bed together, even if it means kicking out their significant others. They are inseparable and their family lets them know that their relationship makes them all angry, jealous and annoyed. Gwen prioritizes Lauren over her other sons and even her husband. Josh finds it extremely odd and uncomfortable that his mother in law has a key to his apartment and washes not only his, but also his girlfriend’s underwear.

Since mom has a key of her own, Gwen has been known to show-up to their apartment unannounced. She’s been known to re-organize their furniture and their decorations. She’ll clean their apartment and make their beds. She’ll take care of their dogs and will do their cooking. Lauren loves the pampering, but Josh thinks that it’s too much.  

The duo is obsessed with Christmas and Gwen thinks that it’s the perfect time for Josh to propose to Lauren. Since, Lauren wants to be completely surprised when Josh proposes to her Miss Gwen has taken it on herself to be the one to plan the proposal. In fact, Gwen wants Josh to go to her jeweler and pick out the ring that she suggests. Lauren has her own ideas of the type of ring she wants. Josh feels, before he’s even proposed, that he’s being cut-out of the planning of his own special day. If he’s this managed in the beginning by Lauren and overbearing mother, Gwen, what will it be like when they have to plan an entire wedding, with all the events and traditions leading up to it? Josh already knows that he absolutely MUST ask “Miss Gwen” as he formally addresses her, and Mr. Bert, for their blessing in asking for Lauren’s hand in marriage. If Gwen isn’t involved in that part of the process, she will be left out and there will be consequences. Bert, believes that Josh and Lauren are good kids who will find their way on their own without Gwen’s interference. He thinks that Gwen is too involved and she’s interfereing in things that they need to learn to do on their own. Whether that’s navigate their own relationship or how to run their own apartment, Bert thinks the young couple doesn’t need to be coached in every detail of their lives together. Gwen will still to this day, while lying in bed with her daughter ask her point blank, if she’s 100% willing, invested to spend the rest of her life on this planet with Josh. To say she’s intense is an understatement.

Gwen and Lauren are already planning for an upcoming wedding. Although they agree on plenty of the details, there are some more traditional details that Lauren and Gwen are not on the same page about. Lauren wants a sleeveless dress. Gwen is adamant that a wedding is a sacrament and it’s non-negotiable to wear a sleeveless dress in the House Of the Lord. Although they can laugh now, this wedding is about Lauren and not Gwen and will Gwen’s smothering nature cause a rift between her baby-girl who is just starting her life as an adult? Will Lauren be able to really move away and stand on her own two feet without her mother’s constant input, control and management of every detail of her life? Will Josh stand to be second fiddle in his own life and relationship? 


·      Gwen and Lauren get their monthly bikini waxes together, staying in the room together while the procedure is taking place.

·      Gwen will accompany Lauren to the gynecologist and has been known to give her opinion to the Dr.

·      Gwen has a key to Lauren and Josh’s apartment and she’s been known to show-up unannounced, do their laundry, including their underwear, and also rearrange their furniture.

·      Gwen and Lauren exchange sexual intimacy details about their current partner’s.

·      Lauren and Gwen like to cuddle in bed together when they sleep at each other's house

·      Lauren goes to Gwen's house everyday for lunch.

·      Gwen makes Lauren go to church with her, but Lauren can't tell anyone she is "living in sin" with Josh.

·      Gwen likes to dress Lauren in clothes that she picks out/buys for her. 


Lauren and Josh are definitely on the road to marriage, but Gwen could be the reason that the road gets bumpy and cause the couple a detour. Gwen is pushing her wants and desires on Lauren and Josh's, which could make it hard for them to take a step forward if they are second guessing themselves and waiting/hoping for Gwen to approve. Lauren gets overwhelmed by her mom's "meddling" in her relationship and she knows that her relationship with her mom could be an issue in Josh wanting to take their relationship to the next level with a dream proposal.