Laura Latimer and Greg are exes who are now best friends. They sleep over at each other's houses, they go fishing together and they talk every day. At one point she was the executor of his will and she was the person who took him to get his vasectomy. People often mistake them for a couple because of how close they are. Greg and Laura Latimer met after each went through their respective divorces. They were both raised in traditional, conservative homes and up until that point lived out traditional and conservative marriages. However, once they went through their divorces (they both went to the same marriage counselor per Greg’s suggestion) they each went on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. They each found comfort in their "no judgment zone" relationship and it bonded them for life. While dating, the couple discovered new bands and new local attractions. They also were both curious about new sexual experiences. They joined a local BDSM (bondage discipline sadism and masochism) club and enjoyed exploring their sexual limits together. They went their separate ways in terms of being in a "relationship" but remained "friends” ever since.

Laura Hudson is Greg’s current girlfriend and fiancée. Laura H. has alopecia and has been bald since birth. She was teased growing up and made to feel less than for not having hair. She hit a point in life where she was tired of wearing wigs and feeling ashamed of her baldness. Laura H. is now a staunch advocate for people who have alopecia and who suffer with negative self-image and body issues. She refuses to internalize normal female beauty standards and wants people to see her, love her and know her for who she is with or without hair.

Laura H. and Greg met on a dating app and have been inseparable since. Laura Hudson was newly divorced and not focused on rushing into another relationship just for the sake of not being alone. Greg and Laura's connection was instant and theY’VE spent the better part of two years together. Early in Laura Hudson and Greg's relationship, he told her about his past with Laura Latimer and their close, intense friendship. Laura Hudson accepted the unconventional relationship that Laura Latimer and Greg have, though she sees why other people would think it’S "crazy." It isn't uncommon for Greg to go over to Laura Latimer's house for a night of drinking and then spend the night.

Laura Hudson and Greg are planning a wedding together and Laura Latimer is in their plans! Laura Hudson and Greg are intending on getting engaged as soon as the next step of his career is in place. He is currently saving up for a ring to propose with. The couple has already started discussing the wedding as well. Greg has chosen Laura Latimer to be the "best woman" on his side of the wedding party and he wants her to stand by his side as he marries Laura Hudson! Greg and Laura Latimer share private information with each other about each other’s sex life and current relationship issues, which can cause conflict in their relationships.

Laura H. has a 14-year-old daughter named Olivia who is currently looking to get into an art school out of town. However, if they move that means that Greg and Laura Latimer won’t be able to see each other as often as possible. The next six months has big changes for everyone: a new job, a proposal, a wedding and potentially a move out of town. Will Laura and Laura be able to share Greg and navigate these milestones together, or will jealously and power dynamics cause a rift in this threesome?