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Gregory Herring (29)

Washington, DC


  • Greg gravitated toward cooking at a young age – he couldn’t sit still and he had a short attention span, but he says cooking always kept his attention. 

  • He really learned to cook as he grew up and started working in restaurants. Because of this, he was granted the opportunity to work with many chefs and learn many different styles of cooking. He also attended culinary school and he’s an avid reader of anything involving food. 

  • He loves to put fun and modern takes on classic Ashkenazi dishes. Lately he’s been into making corn bread with schmaltz and gribenes. 

  • His biggest strengths are fermentation, cooking with open fire, and brick ovens. 

  • He and his wife host an annual Hanukkah party that they call “the Annual Classy Hannukah Party.” There, everyone is required to wear a tie or a cocktail dress, and they have cocktails and enjoy good food. He says this has become a known tradition among millennial Jews in DC.