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Emily Paster (45)

River Forest, IL

Freelance Food Writer

·      She is an attorney turned food writer who loves to develop original recipes and take photographs of her creations. Has written three books, "Food Swap", "Joys of Jewish Preserving" and her third book, "Epic Air Flyer", comes out in December.

·      Started her local "food swap", which inspired her first cookbook. Food swaps involve community members coming together to barter and trade home-grown fruits and vegetable and preserved and canned items

·      Her cuisine is globally influenced and draws from both Sephardic and Ashkenazi food traditions. She makes a harissa yogurt dip as a dipping sauce for her sweet potato Latkes.

·      Hanukkah wasn't a major holiday growing up, but since her children were born, Emily now goes all out for the holiday. She hosts a large party for her friends and neighbors. Her Sufganiyot is filled with my homemade jams and jellies - even homemade lemon curd made with Meyer lemons!

·      She makes a cranberry apple sauce in the height of fall and preserves it. It is her family's Hannukah tradition to open it and put it on their latkes on the first night of Hanukkah. It's the perfect rosy hue and tastes incredible! 

·      She is motivated to compete because she loves Jewish cuisine and tradition. She also credit Molly Yeh for raising the profile of Jewish cooking on Food Network!