Mother: Sunhe (50)
Daughter: Angelica (30)

Las Vegas, NV

Sunhe and Angelica are crazy, hysterical and unapologetic Vegas Divas. Sunhe (mom) moved with her mother from Korea to the United States when she was a child. She had to learn English as well as to adapt and integrate into a completely foreign culture. Sunhe was up to the task though, and has been successful in all aspects of her life. No matter what she has accomplished though, she would say her crowning achievement is the birth of her daughter, Angelica. Sunhe puts her daughter before everyone and everything. She even left her husband for Angelica. Sunhe believes that her ex had little interest in being a father and therefore she made the simple choice of a life with daughter over her marriage. She hasn’t looked back since.

Angelica and Sunhe are as close as close can be. They live together, share a bank account, and even use the same bath water. They have nicknames for each other, “Boo Boo” and “Little Buns.” Although Angelica is thirty years old, Sunhe still mothers and cares for her adult daughter in the way one would a child. Sunhe cooks and cleans for Angelica, she buys all of her clothing, picks up after her and dotes and spoils her in every way possible. When they aren’t nesting at home, they love to paint the town red on the Vegas strip. They hit up strip-clubs together, they get lap dances together, and they pick-up men together. Angelica is very protective of her “little Korean momma.” She’s even earned the nickname “bodyguard,” because everyone (regardless of age) is trying to get with her mom, and she has to fight them off. Sunhe has a long-distance boyfriend named Brett who is still discovering just how close Sunhe and Angelica’s relationship is. Brett is slowly starting to realize that wherever Sunhe is, Angelica is there as well. They are connected at the hip and it doesn’t appear that is going to change anytime soon. He thinks that it is bizarre that his girlfriend’s adult daughter still lives at home and accompanies them on their dates when he’s in town.

Because English is her second language, Sunhe can be a little naïve, and very blunt. She doesn’t mince words, and is staunchly protective of her little girl. Without Angelica in her life, Sunhe would feel as though she’s lost and missing a piece of herself. Angelica in return, relies on Sunhe not only for her life and her livelihood, but for companionship that no man, nor any other family member has ever been able to provide. They have created their relationship to want and need each other at all times in all ways, and although it can be judged and criticized, to Sunhe and Angelica it’s a loving and only slightly dysfunctional way to live.


Potential Storylines

  • Sunhe’s long-distance boyfriend, Brent, has taken the initiative and has customized an engagement ring for her. Although there isn’t an official proposal as of yet, Sunhe has signed-off on the one-of-a-kind ring, knowing that the big question isn’t too far off.
  • Brent lives in Omaha, Nebraska and has two children ages ten and fourteen from a previous relationship. Although Brent loves Sunhe and wants to live with her, he doesn’t think that it’s fair to uproot his two young children in order to do so.
  • Sunhe is excited about starting the next chapter of her life with Brent and would theoretically be willing to move to Omaha, but it would be a major sacrifice and turning point to leave Angelica. Sunhe already gets anxious without her daughter, so moving across the country could prove to be traumatic for them both.
  • Sunhe is a business manager for a Korean makeup and skin-care line called Amore Pacific. She has been with the company for many years and is quite successful at what she does. So much so that Sunhe is up for a big promotion. The new job would have Sunhe training and educating out-of-state employees about product lines and the company. The job would be based in Las Vegas but would require frequent travel. If Sunhe gets the promotion it’s a big step for her career, but it would also mean that she would spend even less time with Brent. Also, if she gets the promotion this would be the first time in years that she wouldn’t get to see Angelica every day.
  • Angelica has been off and on again with a fellow TSA agent named Jason for the past year. The two had a flirtatious friendship that has blossomed into a romantic relationship. Jason has some baggage though. He has been going through a long-standing divorce. So long in fact that Jason dated someone prior to Angelica but after his wife. His ex-girlfriend was no catch either. She led Jason to believe that her 6-year-old son was his child and used that information into allowing the two of them to live with him. He has since discovered the child was not his. She has moved out, but Angelica and Sunhe need to confirm that she’s not an active or romantic part of his life. However, since living together, Jason has developed a positive role in his ex-girlfriend’s son’s life and he doesn’t want to cut off that relationship. Angelica recently had dinner with Jason’s mother who told her that she would be instrumental in both finalizing Jason’s divorce (paying for it in full) AND helping make sure that Jason’s ex-girlfriend gets her stuff out of his house. Needless to say Angelica is a fan of Jason’s mom.
  • Jason has asked his ex-girlfriend to move out and has invited Angelica AND Sunhe to move in! He believes asking them to move in is a sign of his good faith and his commitment to their relationship.
  • Although moving in with his girlfriend’s mom isn’t ideal, he is willing to do it in order to move his relationship with Angelica to the next level. He’s excited but nervous about the prospect! Will Sunhe and Angelica really be able to cohabitate with Jason around? It’s the first time in years that they’ve open their private lives to new people.
  • Angelica has always been passionate about law enforcement and criminology. Although she likes her job with the TSA, she wants to do more. Angelica is applying to be a police dispatcher for the Las Vegas Police Department so that she can better serve her community. She is nervous about the politics involved in the department, but truly wants to make a difference. She has even considered one day becoming a full-fledged police officer.