Mother: Sandra (44)
Daughter: Mariah (20)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

For most young women turning twenty-one means establishing independence, moving out of the house and finding one’s own way in the world. Not for young Mariah. She’s planning her whole life around and with her fit and fabulous mom, Sandra. They refuse to grow up and live life by the, “appropriate,” and, “acceptable,” rules of society. According to Mariah and Sandra, they were blessed with voluptuous feminine bodies, so why not flaunt and profit from what the good Lord gave them? If that means doing sexy, topless photo shoots together, what’s the big deal? They are living life on their own terms, and they say “get lost,” to anyone who has a problem with their weird and wild relationship. Sandra and Mariah live with their sister/daughter Chanel (15 years old) as well as Sandra’s ex-husband and father to Mariah and Chanel. It’s an unusual situation from an outsider’s point-of-view, but this loving family says it works just fine for them. 

They have thus far worked part-time together in time-share sales, and they have had a blast doing so. But they are curious about experimenting with a new career that’s a bit more out of the box: exotic dancing. They are 100% interested in becoming a mom and daughter strip-tease act. They have the bodies, the attitude and the flair for a fun and sexy dance routine. To them, stripping would be about having fun, being proud of their bodies, and not a dark or sad routine that many people misconceive exotic dancing to be. It’s an outlet for self-expression, a fun thing to do, and a way for them to express their sexy and feminine sides. Which is absolutely something that these two ladies aren’t shy about doing. They’ve had plastic surgery together, they get waxed together, and they aren’t afraid to show off in scandalous photo campaigns that they put online. They’ll even go on dates together. Men constantly send them gifts and write them letters. Just last week a male admirer sent them matching body suits for them to pose together wearing. Family and friends find their relationship inappropriate, gross and wrong. However, Sandra and Mariah believe that their relationship is healthy, and their work together on-screen is empowering for women. Sandra has lost close friends due to the salacious photos she took with her daughter and even, Mariah’s boyfriend Nasheed, who hasn’t even SEEN their sexy photos, thinks that their relationship is way too close and too enmeshed.

When they’re not selling real-estate or posing in revealing outfits, Sandra and Mariah love to hit the night-life. Sandra has been a club goer for as long as Mariah has been alive, so once Mariah turned 18 years old, it was a happy moment for Sandra to show her around the scene. Being so open with each other and exploring these new activities is making them closer than ever.  When Sandra is in the dating scene, she’s been known to FaceTime her daughter during her date to get an opinion. If a man can’t handle her daughter being in every aspect of her life, he is out. Mariah’s relationship with Nasheed is rocky at times, especially when it comes to the idea of her new career path. Not to mention, it just means more time with mom, and less time with him. Can Mariah keep her relationship with her boyfriend strong if she is dancing for other men? Will Sandra find her true calling as an exotic dancer and maybe find a new man? What will happen when two women attached at the hip have to share their time with someone else?


Potential Storylines

  •  Sandy and Mariah are living life on their own terms, they have done multiple sexy (and topless!) mom and daughter photoshoots, and they want to continue to push the envelope of socially acceptable…They are more than excited to be mother and daughter exotic dancers.
  • In order to grace the stage and stripper pole, Sandra and Mariah have some work to do. They need to find a venue, audition, come up with their dancer names and personas. They need to get sexy outfits made and create their act. The only issue is that they have never danced like THAT before. So, they are hoping that Chanel, the resident family dance pro, would be willing to help them choreograph their routine. Will Chanel really be comfortable enough to help her sister and her mother learn to strip?
  • Chanel is an aspiring professional dancer. She loves hip-hop, modern and jazz dance. She’s also a bit on the outside of her and her mother’s relationship and behaves more like an adult than a rebellious teen. She’s unsure what to make of Sandra and Mariah’s seductive personas, but she’s accepting and deliberately uninvolved.
  • Adee is Sandy’s ex-husband and the father to Mariah and Chanel. Even though Adee and Sandy are divorced, they are currently living together and co-parenting their children. In their view, one divorces a spouse NOT the family.
  • Adee and Sandy are both single and are actively dating, they are trying to work through how to ethically date and see other people while remain stable and unified parents under the same roof.
  • Although Adee is supportive of his wife and daughter, it’s difficult for him to entirely support the risqué photoshoots. Sandy and Mariah aren’t entirely sure what he’ll think about the exotic dancing endeavor.
  • Sandy and Mariah have a vacation planned in the Dominican Republic this summer. During their visit mom wants to get a tummy tuck and perhaps a breast reduction and Mariah is contemplating getting a procedure done herself. She’s isn’t sure what to do as of yet, but isn’t opposed to getting a little work done while there.
  • Sandy’s biggest celebrity crush is Safaree Samuels. Little does mom know that Mariah has made special arrangements for her to meet him in person during an up-coming summer concert.