Mother: Rochelle (34)
Daughter: Myah (16)

Spokane, WA


Rochelle became a single mother at 18 and in the process of raising her new baby, did a lot of growing up herself. Being a young mom, Rochelle recognizes she’s made some mistakes throughout the years and had a very wild past. Through her strong will, determination, and love for Myah, Rochelle has raised a beautiful daughter who is also her best friend.

As an ex-Hooters girl who dropped out of fashion school to be a bartender, Rochelle is a scrappy hustler and no stranger to hard work – two traits she has passed down to her daughter. When Myah was just a toddler, she was raised in a house full of Hooters girls, learning at a young age not to be ashamed of her body or shy about sexuality. Growing up, Myah and Rochelle told each other EVERYTHING – holding nothing back from one another. Rochelle is always asking her daughter to film her naked snapchat videos and she took Myah to get on birth control in her early teens. In this household, sex isn’t taboo or an uncomfortable topic. Instead, it’s celebrated and discussed candidly. Rochelle is a proud “MILF” and used to being hit on by other fathers at the school and even several of Myah’s high school peers.

Rochelle is a self-proclaimed party girl. Her wild and engaging presence draws people in wherever she goes.  She has definitely passed down this way of life to Myah, who at 16 took a trip to Vegas with her mom. Of course, Rochelle had to hook her up with fake ID so they could get into all the best clubs and pool parties. Since Rochelle is so open about alcohol and partying, Myah really only drinks with her mom. In a lot of ways, Myah has transformed into the mother figure role often keeping Rochelle in check.

Rochelle and Myah have each other’s backs and are always on the lookout protecting one another. Rochelle regularly gets in fights with other moms when she finds out their daughters have messed with Myah. On the other side, Myah is extremely protective of her Mom when it comes to relationships and usually scares off any potential suitors she tries to date. These days Rochelle is only into guys 24-years-old or younger, as Myah and her friends lovingly call her a “cradle robber.” Not wanting any competition for her Mom’s attention, Myah has been known to make up lies and do whatever it takes to sabotage Rochelle’s relationships. Not loving her time in high school, Myah wants to graduate early, go to hair school, and get her career off the ground. On the other hand, Rochelle is going back to high school to finally get her GED and looking forward to finishing her education alongside her daughter.


Potential Storylines

  • Myah is going to be a Sophomore in high school next year and trying to graduate early to attend hair school. One the other hand, Rochelle is going BACK to school with her daughter to finally earn her GED. She will be starting school with her daughter this fall.
  • Despite returning to school, the staff is not a fan of Rochelle. They think she is bad influence and she’s been in multiple altercations with other moms whose daughters have bullied Myah.
  • Rochelle’s home is currently under remodel. She is staying at an apartment with Myah during the construction, but Myah’s father, Dan, and Rochelle’s grandmother are currently living in the house together.  It’s certainly a wild combination of personalities!
  • Although Rochelle concedes that Myah is often more the adult figure in their Mother/Daughter dynamic, Myah is still a minor for two more years. This presents several co-parenting matters with Rochelle and Myah’s father, Dan.
  •  Dan has a new girlfriend, Amy, who hates Rochelle. Myah actually has a civil relationship with Amy, but can’t stand her three kids who may soon be her step-brothers and sisters.  
  • Lately, Rochelle has been enjoying the single life. Her best friend, Tiana, and Myah are signing her up on all the dating apps and determined to help her find a new suitor. We’ll see if Myah continues her history of sabotaging Rochelle’s relationships or if she’s ready to share her mom’s attention.
  • Chase, Myah’s boyfriend, has been living at the apartment with her and her mom. Rochelle thinks he’s sweet, but he’s beginning to overstay his welcome.
  • Rochelle has aspirations of opening up her bar in Spokane. She is currently looking for investors and enlisting the help of her friend and former boss, Dianna Dahlgren (fitness model), to give her some advice. Dianna recently moved to Las Vegas – Rochelle and Myah are planning a girls trip to visit her this summer.
  • Myah is 16-years-old and in the process of getting her driver’s license. She’s already got a fake ID, thanks to Rochelle, but now must earn it for real. This time mom won’t be much help.
  •  Rochelle and Myah have summer birthdays in August and September. Although the house isn’t completely remodeled on the inside, the backyard and pool area will be party ready. All of Rochelle’s friends and former Hooters girls will be in attendance for the wild celebrations.