Mother: Michelle (Age 51)
Daughter: Lexi (Age 25)

Atlanta, GA

Michelle is the legendary cool mom that every daughter dreams of having and Lexi is the cool daughter that all the other girls want to be. It’s not uncommon for Michelle to hang out with Lexi’s friends at the clubs and bars. She even has Lexi’s friends on speed dial! Since the beginning, Michelle has emulated her daughter. If Lexi was interested in modeling, Michelle was interested in modeling. If Lexi competed in figure skating, Michelle would not only learn to skate but will also become her competitor. Michelle is enamored not only with her daughter, but with staying young, hip, cool, and in-the-know. She thinks being a mom doesn’t mean you have to be uptight and unhip!

Michelle and Lexi began a business together selling high end beauty products. Michelle plays the role of business manager and Lexi is the face of the products and its name sake, Lexi Noel Beauty. The two are constantly pouring over beauty and fashion, often spending hours together shopping for the perfect outfit, sharing clothing, and perfecting their makeup and beauty supplies. The two compete with one another on who has the bigger and better closet and who wore it better. Their business takes them all over and the girls love to have a good night out. When Lexi turned 18 she wanted to go to a club, who else would show her the way of nightlife than her mom! To this day, you’ll find both at the club together: Michelle dancing on stage enjoying herself while Lexi chats up cute boys around her. These two never have a dull moment and are always up for a good time.

Michelle’s husband and Lexi’s dad, Ron, is not as open as his girls. To him a perfect day is enjoying the serenity of a golf course on a Sunday morning. Unlike his young-at-heart wife, Ron is baffled by social media, technology and doesn’t understand a lick of pop-culture. Michelle admits that she would rather spend time with her daughter than with her husband. Ron is unwittingly ostracized and left in the lurch. He doesn’t understand their relationship and wishes that his wife would act like other wives her age. However, he doesn’t complain when Michelle comes home in a sexy new outfit! The girls have also been known to lie to dad about where they are together—a secret trip to LA or Miami for the weekend won’t hurt him!

Alyssa, the youngest sister has come to terms with not being the favorite. She can’t compete with Lexi and has accepted her mom and sister as a package pair, you can’t have one without the other. Alyssa feels that she’s constantly in Lexi’s shadow and will never receive the same attention that her sister receives. She wishes that she could have a fraction of the quality time that her older sister has.

Lexi and Michelle are lovable, larger than life ladies with sass, zero-filter and a totally hip vibe. Their future dream is to start a mother-daughter beauty line empire, so that countless mothers and daughters can be just as cool and beautiful as they are.