Mother: Martha (60)
Daughter: Caroline (30)
Reno, NV

Caroline and Martha feel like Siamese twins cast in a sitcom about super-connected moms and daughters. Not only do they live next door to one another, they decided to install a custom door in their adjoining fence to be able to have unrestricted access to each other’s homes and each other’s lives. Caroline has an online business that she runs from home. She is married to an Army man named Nate, and together they have two have two beautiful children. Mom, Martha lives next door in retired bliss with her husband Jack. Martha and Caroline, can’t go even one hour without texting or talking, in fact, they plan their bathroom trips together so they can talk while going to the bathroom. To go even further, they enjoy taking showers together. At any given moment of the day either of them will just show up the other’s house just because they miss each other. Mom has even cleaned Caroline’s house AND her vibrators when she was away. Nothing is hidden or off limits from these two soul mates. They dress alike, share their clothing, bras, jewelry, makeup… everything they own the other owns. They haven’t gone more than 24 hours without speaking or texting with each other. Ever... In fact, the last time that Martha couldn’t get ahold of Caroline for more than a few hours she ending up calling the cops and tried to file a missing person’s report because she couldn’t find her daughter. Caroline was just on vacation with her husband, and they were on plane. Both Caroline and Martha admit that they feel anxious, depressed and manic if they aren’t together. It’s apparent when you hear and see them that they truly feel like one person. Their minds, bodies and spirits seem to be engaged and in-sync in an uncanny, entertaining and spooky way.

Nate, Caroline’s husband isn’t happy with the current arrangement. It was absolutely NOT his first choice to live beside his mother-in-law. What Nate doesn’t know is Caroline and Martha have grand plans to merge the families on to one giant, family compound. Nate and Caroline fight about the fact Martha just shows up unannounced anytime of the day. Nate complains that neither of them have any concept of boundaries. He knows that they shower together and it weirds him out. At work, Caroline even won a free, “Spouse’s Cruise,” but chose to take her Mom over her him. Caroline and Martha both fully admit that they consistently choose one another over their husbands. Jack, Martha’s husband feels that he never gets to have any time with his wife.

It’s not just the poor husbands that come second. It’s no family secret that Caroline is hands-down the favorite daughter. Martha even admits it. Martha dotes on Caroline to the extreme: she bought Caroline a fancy car, helped to buy the house that they live and constantly buys her gifts and jewelry. Rayna, Caroline’s sister who lives ten minutes away feels left-out and unwanted. Holidays and gatherings are especially awkward because Caroline and Martha are giving each other over the top gifts that celebrate their special bond. Kiki, (Martha’s sister) desperately wants to be best friends and have a similar relationship like Caroline and Martha. Kiki is jealous of their relationship, and wishes that she could have someone in her life that is as close as they are.

Caroline runs a successful couponing and discount blog that helps moms get great deals on any number of things mom’s need for their family. Martha is her live-in assistant. They spend their days together working, shopping, gossiping and living life together.


Potential Storylines

  •  In a very recent and a very dramatic turn of events, Caroline and Nate have decided to end their marriage. The couple recently had a long, serious and candid conversation about their relationship and they mutually agreed to separate. Caroline and Nate didn’t feel that they had the same set of values, nor did they want the same things out of life. Although it’s painful to admit, Martha’s active role in his and Caroline’s life was a contributing factor. Nate doesn’t appreciate competing with his mother-in-law for his wife’s attention, nor did he see eye-to-eye on her constant presence in their lives. Additionally, Nate couldn’t take Martha’s unexpected visits any longer and is weirded out by some of their habits including showering together.
  • Caroline’s family owns their home so Nate will be the one to move out of the house.
  • Caroline has two young children who will be impacted by her split with Nate. She and Martha, along with Nate, are struggling to find a way to softly approach the subject with the children. Nate and Martha will need to plan and discuss a way to co-parent their two children.
  •  With Nate exiting, Caroline needs her Mom more than ever to help raise the kids and move on to the next phase in her life. As if they weren’t already attached at the hip, it’s inevitable that Caroline will be leaning on Martha for more support now than ever before.
  • Martha’s husband is sadly battling the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. Although it’s a tough blow for the entire family, he is still able to walk, speak and think clearly, just not as quickly as he once was able to. He still enjoys his life-loves of hunting and fishing and spending time outdoors. Caroline and Martha are tasked with caring for their husband/father, which in turn makes them even closer.
  • Martha and Caroline are embarking on a weight loss journey together. They are in a competition at their gym with the goal of losing 4% of their body weight. It’s time to get their bodies ready for summer and with Caroline back on the market, she has even more motivation pushing her to get back in shape.
  • Caroline is scheduled to get a breast reduction surgery this summer and will need her mother’s moral and physical support. When one is down the other is always there to pick them up.
  •  Caroline and Martha run a 1,000 sq ft women’s clothing boutique inside of Caroline’s converted basement. They sell fun, funky, and colorful clothing and jewelry items, for a company called, “Rue La La” Caroline is in the top 1% of sales representatives globally.
  • Caroline and Martha are constantly working on this business as well as Caroline’s online discount blog, with all the work and only two people, they are toying with the idea of hiring an assistant to help with the slack.
  • Caroline and Martha have a family RV camping trip planned this summer. Although they love being in the wilderness, neither Caroline nor Martha are what you might consider “outdoorsy.”