Mother: Liz (46)
Daughter: Maddy (17)

North Palm Beach, Florida

For most teenagers graduating high school, leaving home for college is the ultimate time to gain independence and the long awaited freedom from their parents. This couldn’t be further from the truth for Maddy who is preparing to be a freshman at Florida Atlantic University, less than 40 minutes away from home. Although this milestone is bitter sweet for mom, Liz is planning to spend as much time with her daughter at school as possible. Maddy is getting a private dorm room so there’s enough room for mom and daughter sleep overs. Most moms act like “parents,” but Liz is more like Maddy’s big sister and best friend. Maddy will also be rushing the same sorority of her mom, Delta Phi Episilon. Liz wants to be there for every college-first and help Maddy navigate higher learning the right way. She wants to be there for sorority get-togethers, frat parties, tail-gates and all college hallmarks.

Liz and Maddy are both Leos, shining bright in the spotlight and ensuring they are noticed everywhere they go. Maddy is precocious, popular, outspoken, and sassy. She strives to be the absolute best in everything that she does whether that’s a perfected coif, the highest GPA, the most friends, or the best handbag. Liz also loves to the center of attention (not unlike her daughter). She says that she had a cold and distant mother growing up, and now strives to be a young, relevant and hip mom who’s engaged, and emotionally available to her children. Whether they are out in Palm Beach shopping or getting their hair, nails, and spray tans done together, these two ladies are truly inseparable. Liz refers to herself as “mama fierce” while Maddy is “baby fierce” and they are a force of nature whenever they’re out and about. Liz lives by the motto “thall shall never look like shit,” which she has passed onto her daughter. Always dressed to the nines, everyone knows their names at all the stores and restaurants in North Palm Beach. During lazy weekends at home, it’s not uncommon to find Liz and Maddie lounging by their pool or taking their boat for a joyride in the nearby marina.

Growing up, Maddy was a competitive ice skater and a standout on the high school cheerleading squad. All the travel for competitions brought the two even closer and Maddy’s success justified Liz treating her like a total princess. Liz considers herself a “Cool Mom” who’s in touch with the youth, the hottest trends, and what’s happening in Maddy’s life. Like in Mean Girls, Liz calls her daughter “Regina George” all the time, especially when it gets to be that time of month. If anything, she wants to help her daughter loosen up and have more fun!

Liz is a licensed clinical social worker and has a private practice specializing in children, adolescents and adults that suffer from mental illness. The therapy doesn’t stop when Liz leaves her office as she’s always giving her daughter life advice about friends, family and healthy relationships. She has an open dialogue with her daughter about everything from sex to drinking. Liz has been with her husband, Hal, for 20 years. Maddy also has a 13-year-old brother, Alden, who is gay. Although Alden has come out to both of his parents, Maddy is still in the dark. With such an atypical family dynamic, Hal has no choice but to take a back seat and watch the madness from the sidelines. With Maddy going off to college, Liz will be forced to confront the idea of her life without her “mini-me.” The thought is daunting, sad and unsettling. Liz and Maddy’s relationship and bond is truly going to be tested this coming fall.


Potential Storylines:

  • Maddy is starting college this year and although she will be attending a school nearby, it’s the first time Liz will be away from her daughter. This won’t stop Liz from visiting at every opportunity possible, however the separation will be a major turning point in their extremely close relationship.
  • Maddy can’t wait to continue her Mom’s sorority legacy and pledge Delta Phi Epsilon. Liz is already planning to be the self-proclaimed house mother – she wants to host sleep-over style retreats for all the girls at their huge house in North Palm Beach and provide group bonding sessions for all of the gals.  
  • Liz wants to continue to grow her career and will be preparing for exams this year to go back to school and earn her PHD. The university she has her sights on just so happens to be Florida Atlantic so she can relive her college experience side-by-side with Maddy.
  • Maddy was able to land a private dorm room at school due to her therapist’s (aka Mom) recommendation that she needs her own space. More importantly, she needs space for Liz to crash when she comes out to visit Maddy on the weekends to party with her and her new friends. 
  • This summer the whole family will be going on a weeklong Caribbean cruise. Liz can’t wait to tear the place up and party with her daughter! They will be in international waters where it’s legal to drink after all.
  •  With Liz stuck at home with two boys, she knows it’s going to be an adjustment not hanging out with Maddy all the time. To stay busy, she wants to take up a new health and fitness routine and begin pole dancing and aerial classes. Maddy has been the healthy drill sergeant and kept Liz eating clean and staying in shape. Without the constant diet reminders and workout motivation, Liz is going to have to put in some extra effort to stay looking good, or else Maddy will be the first one to call her out! 
  • Liz sees Maddy leaving for school as an opportunity to reconnect with her old self. She is currently planning a girls trip to California with her two best friends and sorority sisters.
  • Hal, Liz’s husband and Maddy’s dad, is a very successful real estate developer. They are very comfortable financially, but Liz is pushing her laid back partner to take his business to the next level to develop a side hustle to bring in more money.
  • Maddy’s little brother, Alden, is starting high school soon. He is not your typical 13-year-old boy and recently told both his parents he’s gay. Maddy still doesn’t know, but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and Maddy forms a deeper relationship with her brother.
  • Liz has a big dermatology visit scheduled including fillers and Botox. Liz has always preached the importance of vanity, confidence, and self-care. Maddy will be right by her side providing moral support during and after the treatments.