Mother: Cindy (53)
Daughter: Leigh-Ann (32)

Weatherford, TX

Cindy and Leigh Ann have tried to live their separate lives but they just haven’t been able to stay away from each other. These two are a down-home, insanely close Texas, country-style ma and daughter who not only live together, but who are raising a family together. Once on a half-hearted attempted to live on her own Leigh-Ann had a relationship. While on a flight from California to Texas, she met a handsome and kind Naval Officer named Alex. The two started a letter correspondence and their pen-pal status soon escalated into marriage. So, for the first time, Leigh-Ann moved out of mama’s house and in with her new hubby. However, once Leigh-Ann became pregnant, things started to change and home-sickness hit her hard. It didn’t help that Alex was also nowhere to be seen due to his military obligations. Leigh-Ann, without telling her mom, bought a one-way ticket for herself and moved home to have and raise her baby girl with Cindy at her side. Leigh-Ann and Alex have been married for seven years and out of that time, Leigh-Ann and Alex have only cohabited for ten months. It’s fair to say, that Cindy is the de-facto dad. She knew Leigh Ann would come back and she couldn’t be happier to have her!

Although Alex is lonely and yearns for his wife and daughter miles and miles away, Leigh-Ann seems content enough with her mama by her side, raising her daughter, Maddie. Leigh-Ann is definitely much closer with her mom than with her husband, and she’s okay with that. She’ll ignore his calls, and doesn’t seem in any hurry to move back in with him and start a life together with her husband and the father of her child. Cindy agrees, and would love to keep her daughter at home as long as possible. Cindy has an identical twin sister named Wendy who is like a second mom to Leigh-Ann. The three take on an active role in raising Maddie. Maddie in return calls Cindy and Wendy, “Daddy,” which of course doesn’t thrill Alex.

To make the household even more interesting, chaotic and complex, Cindy has another daughter named Stephanie who is not an active and present member of the family. Stefanie has identical twin daughters named Marissa and McKenna who Cindy and Leigh-Ann are also raising as their own daughters. The house is a constant hurricane of strong, opinionated women. But make no mistake: Leigh-Ann and Cindy are the absolute rulers of the roost. Cindy and Leigh-Ann are making parenting decisions, buying groceries, going to doctor’s appointments, and running the house-hold with one-another. And it’s working! Leigh-Ann and Cindy are in mother-daughter bliss, leaving Alex to wonder if he is ever going to live under the same roof with his wife and child again?