Mother: Kathleen (Age 70)
Daughter: Stephanie (Age 42)
Gurnee, IL

Stephanie and Kathleen are one of the most sought-after dog breeders and boarders for Anana American Eskimo breeds in the nation. They boast a track record of showing champion level dogs that have won multiple national dog shows. To say that Stephanie and Kathleen are a power mom and daughter duo in the dog world is an understatement. They eat, breathe and LIVE Anana Eskimo’s. They live with them, they sleep with them, they are their surrogate children and grandchildren. At any given time, there are at least ten fully grown, white Eskimo dogs running rampant around the house. Shedding, barking, playing and vying for their mommy's attention. And Stephanie and Kathleen are super doggie spoilers. From monogrammed doggy blankets, to top-of-the-line puppy grooming, these dogs receive better care than some humans.

When Stephanie and Kathleen aren’t bathing, grooming, or training their 10+ dogs, they are on the road to various dog shows. That means that they are in the car together for long-haul drives that are upwards of ten hours. Side by side the entire time. And because they can’t do anything without their prized pooches, the dogs sleep in the hotel bed along with them! At the competition, there’s no shortage of “Best In Show” style antics. Kathleen will be stirring the pot with other competing dog owners and Stephanie will be protecting her mom when she gets them caught in doggie drama. Also, the two regularly pass their hours together in front of the puppy camera. The puppy camera is a live video feed that allows the dog owners to check-up on their prized canines when they are away from home. Broadcasting live from Stephanie and Kathleen’s home, the puppy cam captures the eccentric mother and daughter duo not only playing with puppies, but gossiping with one another for hours on end. It isn’t unusual for the two to spend 2-3 hours in front of the puppy cam playing with the pooches and having quality mother-daughter time together.

Kathleen and Stephanie are insanely close and do everything together. They even go on dates together with Stephanie’s new boyfriend Mike. Although Kathleen and Stephanie are a lot to handle, Mike has a fondness for their relationship... most likely due to his super close connection with his father whom he lives with. For Mike and his dad, their passion is restoring vintage go carts instead of training fluffy dogs. Mike lets Stephanie go overboard with dogs if he’s allowed to be over the top with vintage go-carts. Mike and Stephanie want to get married and plan to have a baby in the next year. Stephanie is reluctant to tell her mom about her pregnancy plans, as well as her hopes for marriage, for fears of alienating mom and irrevocably altering their relationship. Because they have a business together, a baby and a marriage will significantly impact their work as well at their relation. Will the fur babies be losing a mommy or will the family just get a little bit bigger?