Mother: Julie (45)
Daughter: Jessica (22)

Barnsville, GA

From their eccentric hobbies, to farm animal collecting, to driving around the country-side in their black hearse, Julie and Jessica are easily recognized in their quaint, country hamlet. Just over an hour outside of Atlanta, off a bumpy, dirt road lies “Sleepy Hollow Farms,” home to Julie, her twenty-seven-year-old husband, Casey, as well as over thirty animals. Jessica lives minutes away with her first serious boyfriend who everyone affectionately refers to as “Chuy.” Although they live apart, Jessica and Julie see each other every single day. When they aren’t together, they are calling each other, texting and Facetiming one another. It’s not uncommon for Jessica to call Julie in the middle of the night and the two will talk for hours or come to one another’s house.

Julie was also mother to her son Justin who passed away due to kidney failure at ten years old. He was in a coma for a short period of time and when he wasn’t hospitalized Jessica and Julie cared for him at their home. Their father was never in the picture, so it has always been Jessica and Julie caring for another. Because of the tragic loss of their third family member, Jessica and Julie not only bonded in a way that most people couldn’t imagine, they also developed an optimistic and grateful outlook on life. They understand only too well that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so they want to live their lives to the fullest. It’s a credo which permeates into all the things that they do. They have a bucket-list a mile long, and they want to experience this life-together, side-by-side.

For a brief period of time, Julie and Jessica were both dating a pair of brothers. Jessica used to date her mother’s current husband Casey’s brother. Now that Casey and Julie are married, it’s a tad awkward when Casey’s brother is around for family functions. Many people judged Julie and Casey’s relationship because of the age difference. She’s 45 and he’s twenty-seven, a difference of eighteen years! But Casey and Julie have found love in a way that most people don’t or wouldn’t understand. The couple feels zero need to justify or explain their relationship to outsiders. Jessica is 100% supportive of the relationship, she loves Casey and vice-versa. She considers him more akin to a father figure than a brother. Casey likes to be called “Papa Dirt” like the “Joe Dirt” movie. Casey is a proud country boy who loves a simplistic life on a farm. He loves fixing things (he works at John Deere as a mechanic) and couldn’t be more content than when he’s tending to his animals and spending quality time with his wife. Casey is a homebody by nature so he doesn’t feel the need to go gallivanting with Julie and Jessica. That works just fine for them, because when the husband and boyfriend are at home, it gives Julie and Jessica ample opportunity to cut loose and do whatever they please. And boy do they have some hobbies!

The two are passionate about tanning, in fact they used to own a tanning salon together. When they realized that they tanned more than worked, they decided to sell the business. Now they just tan together in their matching tanning beds. They love to go to the gym together and dance together. They also own a lake house that they retreat to together for alone time. While at the lake house, they sleep and cuddle in the same bed while watching cartoons and catching up on gossip. They both have matching muscle cars that they love to fix-up and customize with loud paint colors and flashy, over-the-top decals. Julie has a 2012 Challenger with zombie themed decals and Jessica has a red Camaro with black racing stripes. The two are also obsessed with Halloween, horror movies, comics and basically anything spooky. Julie’s home is adorned with countless horror and Halloween related paraphernalia. From a life-sized headless horseman, to mom’s vampire hunting kit, to a steel soldered Ouija board, they’ve turned their home into country-fied spooky house with real buffalo skulls and antlers alongside their gargoyles! Both Julie and Jessica believe in the supernatural and love to go ghost hunting. Savannah, Georgia is their home-away-from-home and they love to visit the quirky historical city to go on cemetery ghost hunts, explore the spooky downtown, and have one too many margaritas at happy hour.

Back on the farm, mom owns a menagerie of animals. She has two water buffalo, one with a comb over reminiscent of our 45th president who she has named Trump, and his matching girlfriend buffalo is named Melania. There are miniature goats, emus, cows, llamas, donkeys and sheep. Casey really wants more animals! They are raising chickens and turkeys and someday want to add something extremely exotic to the fold. Mom has a pet squirrel named Sandy that lives in a pen next to her bed. Mom and daughter took Sandy to Disney World with them! Jessica and Julie are constantly together taking care of the animals, cleaning, feeding and caring for them.

Jessica and her boyfriend Chuy have dated and lived together for about two years now and things are going well. They met through mutual friends, and now Jessica works for Chuy’s family’s Mexican restaurant. They seem to be happily in love. Chuy and Jessica feel that it’s a serious relationship and babies and marriage are on the table for discussion. Jessica has always wanted a sibling of her own and wants to also be a mother herself. Julie and Jessica would love to be pregnant at the same time so that they can help each other through the pregnancy and so that their children can grow up together. Chuy isn’t sure that he’s entirely ready, but he’s prepared to be the man and father that he needs to be. For Jessica and Julie life is an adventure that is meant to be lived and enjoyed. They are celebrating themselves and aren’t looking to the outside for acceptance or permission.

Potential Storylines

  • Julie and her much younger husband, Casey, are looking to expand their family. Julie is 45-years-old and exploring fertility options and meeting with specialists to see if pregnancy is a viable option. She is open to adopting, but ideally wants to get pregnant and have a natural birth.
  • Since the death of her brother, Jessica has never had a sibling of her own and she desperately wants to expand her family and gain a new brother or sister. She is also open to get pregnant and would love to experience pregnancy in step with her mother.
  • Jessica has been dating and living with her boyfriend, Chuy, for two years now. Julie approves of the relationship and they are both ready for him to pop the question. They are curious and cautiously optimistic when this will happen.
  • Julie homeschooled Jessica for many years, but neither she nor Jessica earned their GED. The ladies are planning to go back to school and earn their degrees together.
  •  In addition to continuing their education, Julie and Jessica are starting a home business. They will be selling homemade lotions, scrubs, candles, and perfumes. It’s a little known fact that emu oil can be used in skin-care ointments!
  • Jessica loves getting lip injunctions and is trying to convince her Mom to join her for the procedure. Julie is a bit scared, but with some motivation from her daughter, she’s ready to take the plunge.
  • Julie and Casey’s wedding, although beautiful and special, was dampened by an unexpected rain storm. They are looking for a do-over and are planning a celebration to renew their vows. Naturally, Jessica plans to be the maid-of-honor and help plan the special day, again!
  • Julie and Jessica have a few mother/daughter trips coming up this summer including a cruise and their first visit to Las Vegas. No boys allowed!
  •  In addition to the more traditional summer vacations they have planned, Julie and Jessica are horror fanatics and obsessed with haunted houses. During the month of October, they travel all over the country attending the scariest horror night events and looking for the most over-the-top haunted houses they can find.
  • Ghost hunting and paranormal groups are dominated by guys, so they want to start their own ghost-hunting group that’s more inclusive to gals.
  • As if the farm wasn’t crowded enough, Jessica, Julie and Casey want to add more animals to their already wild collection of pets. Julie has been dreaming of getting a buffalo for years…
  • Because rumors of Sleepy Hollow farms travel fast, there are constantly tourists and passersby that want to visit and take a tour of the farm. Eventually Julie, Jessica and Casey want to open their farm to the public in the form of a petting zoo.
  • Julie and Jessica have recently been fascinated by the dooms-day prepper phenomenon and are beginning to start their own preppers supply kit.