Mother: Gia (46)
Daughter: Jenna (23)
Phoenix, AZ

Hailing from a long family line of psychic, strong, opinionated, and unfathomably close women, Gia and Jenna and are the next generation of bizarrely close, over-the-top and uncensored moms and daughters. Nudity, is a non-issue in the family. They don’t think twice about stripping down to their birthday suits and enjoying champagne together in their Jacuzzi after a grueling day at the office. Enter, Michael, age 27: Gia’s husband. Yep. At four years older than his step-daughter, Michael started as a sexy fling that turned from, “just for fun,” into a real, deep and long-lasting relationship. It’s a strange, awkward, and hysterical dynamic that causes tension, fights, laughs, as well as heart-felt and endearing moments for this, “unique,” little family. Gia’s been called a cougar, cradle-robber and MILF, but she has zero time for criticism. Who would when she’s found the second most important person in her life? Michael is still getting used to Gia and Jenna’s “special” bond. But the most uncomfortable part about their whole relationship is that, often times, Jenna will climb into bed with her mom and Michael for “family time.” Michael could turn over to cuddle his wife and find he’s holding on to his step-daughter (that he could have went to high school with). He finds it hard to have quality intimate time with Gia because even if Jenna isn’t physically in the bed, she’s still on the phone with her mom texting or calling. While he often gets the back seat in his relationship, he appreciates that Jenna respects him as a step-dad and has lots of love for her mother.

Gia and Jenna (with the aid of Michael) run a successful online influencer platform. Their goal is to make as much money off endorsements as possible and use themselves as the guinea pigs for the products they are plugging. Therefore, in an effort for physical perfection, Gia and Jenna are always striving to improve their image. From both getting false teeth, to getting tummy tucks, boobs jobs and Botox injections, there isn’t anything that Gia and Jenna won’t do to make themselves appear as fabulous as they feel on the inside. Jenna isn’t shy to introduce people to her wig, lovingly nicknamed, “Esmerelda,” after the infamous gypsy in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

As if these Gia and Jenna weren’t extra enough, wait until you meet psychic medium grandma “Maria.” She’s crass, a career psychic, conspiracy theorist and an empath that has absolutely, zero filter. She has flashes of realizations and won’t hold back in sharing her visions and transmissions from beyond. Jenna also feels that she’s picked up the gift and will often feel that she’s inside her own mom’s head. Grandma believes that Gia cloned herself and is molding a mini-me in Jenna. She’s a close part of the day to day of the family. Jenna is at the pinnacle of growing up, she has finished school and is beginning to market herself as an influencer just like her mother. Gia sees Jenna’s aspirations and pushes her day after day to be better. These two are chaotic, loud, loving, and sure to bring lots of awkward close-ness.