Mom: Deathera (Age 41)
Daughter: Stephanie (Age 24)        
San Antonio, Texas

Meet two over the top nurses from the heart of Texas. Deathera, aka “Mama D,” and daughter, Stephanie, are bizarrely alike and attached at the hip. Loud, funny, uncensored and spontaneous, these two spitfires will tell you how it is. They both work as nurses at neighboring hospitals. They commute to and from work each day together, text and call each other during lunch, and return home together at the end of the day to take care of Stephanie’s children with her husband Patrick. As a single mother, Deathera placed her princess on a pedestal and still does to this day. She pampers, praises and preaches Stephanie’s perfection at every chance she gets. She’s a proud and protective mother who refuses to let anything get in the way of her relationship with her daughter. Everyone from family members, close friends, and even Stephanie’s husband thinks that their relationship is absolutely unusual and, in some cases, just plain wrong. They shower together, which is upsetting for many reasons, but especially for Stephanie’s husband. Deathera also sleeps in the same bed, with or without Patrick there. Sometimes,  Patrick will roll over in bed and instead of facing his wife, he’s staring into the eyes of his ever present mother-in-law.

Stephanie and Patrick are the parents of three adorable children between the ages of five and ten. What should be a healthy parenting situation with Patrick and Stephanie on the same page is instead disrupted by "Mama D" playing the father figure role in the family. Instead of Patrick and Stephanie making parenting decisions, it’s Stephanie and her mom pushing Patrick out of the picture. When it comes to a romantic life as husband and wife, poor Patrick is again on the losing end. He hasn’t been on a date with his wife in months, she refuses to shower with him, and he hasn’t even cuddled with Stephanie in living memory because she’s always with Mom. On many occasions, Patrick will pick up and drop of his wife and mother-in-law when they go out on the town together, without him!

In all ways, Patrick feels he is competing with his mother-in-law for his position as father and husband. Stephanie, in turn, is caught in the middle. Her mother is a non-negotiable part of her life no matter how seemingly connected and extreme their relationship might be. Patrick is understandably frustrated by the situation. Deathera has no other children, nor family, that she is close with. It’s all Stephanie and to lose her is to lose her pride and joy in life. The three are at a complex and emotionally difficult cross road, with Stephanie in the middle. Does she choose to maintain the insanely close relationship with her loving mother, or does she painfully create boundaries for her mom and try to be the wife that Patrick needs and deserves?