Mother: Dawn (Age 59)
Daughter: Cher (Age 27)

Clearwater, FL

Jaw-dropingly similar, everything about the mother and daughter duo, Dawn and Cher, is eerily alike. From their deliberately identical looks, to their uncanny mannerisms, even the inflection in their voice, everything these two do is oddly alike. As a mother to two older sons, Dawn had her prayers finally answered when her princess Cher was born. Since that moment, the pair have been an inseparable and identical force. Wherever Cher goes, mom is right behind her. They dress alike, act alike, and even married Jewish doctors at the age of 23. If Cher wants to cut her hair, she needs mom’s permission---and most likely, mom will cut and dye her hair to look exactly like her daughter. Mom plans to keep it that way for as long as possible. Additionally, because Cher is a part-time cosmetic nurse, she gives her mom Botox and fillers in an effort to help her look young and like her daughter. It’s a major taboo for one or the other to alter their appearance without consulting each other. Cher also owns a dating coach service and will often enlist her mom to help her older clients in the world of romance. Nothing is off-limits for these two as they share everything from lingerie to their exact location at any moment in time. Communication is non-stop 24/7.  From FaceTime in the dressing room to daily “good night,” texts, Dawn and Cher never go a moment without each other. 

Cher and her husband, Jared, are looking to the next big step in their relationship, a baby!! But Jared is understandably worried that he’s going to be overshadowed by his mother-in-law. He’s nervous that she will undermine his authority when it comes to important decisions and that she’ll take up all of the quality time that should be reserved for him and his wife. Dawn, of course, wants to be a part of the whole journey, and then some…. She’s even giving the young couple sex pointers. Mom has a master conception plan based on the lunar calendar and Cher’s menstrual cycle, all designed so that they have a baby girl. Dawn thinks this is normal and Cher is unsure about scheduling her sex-life so closely. Regardless, Dawn is nervous about how a new baby will impact and threaten their already super-close relationship. Will a bouncing baby girl be a welcomed twinsie-triplet or will it be a wedge between the infamous Dawn and Cher?


Potential Storylines

  • Cher and Jared have been married for five years and, after serious conversations, feel they are finally ready to start planning to have their first child.
  • When she gets pregnant Cher isn’t sure who she will tell first, her mother or her husband, however, whoever she decides to tell, she wants to do it in a fun, surprising and memorable way.
  • Chad, Cher’s eldest brother is coincidentally planning to have his first child in the next several months as they would love to have their children be able to grow up together.
  • During the pregnancy Cher and Dawn want to throw an over-the-top gender reveal party as well as to host a ladies-only baby shower.
  • Dawn wants to be involved during the pregnancy at every step of the way, including doctor’s appointments, nursey planning, baby-naming and Lamaze classes.
  • Cher and Jared are planning to move into a two-bedroom apartment to make room for baby. They’ll need to prep a nursery and get their place baby-ready.
  • Dawn knows that she will soon be a “grandma” in the next year and is having a mini mid-life melt-down (the fact that she is turning 60 doesn’t help either.) Dawn refuses to accept her age, and wants to instead be a “glam-ma,” so she is planning to get a mini neck lift in an attempt to look younger and more similar to Cher. After interviewing nine different NYC doctors, Dawn finally decided on a surgeon and plans to have the surgery on July 6th. Because Cher is a nurse, (and daughter and bestie to her mom) she plans to stay by her mother’s side the whole time. Dawn will be staying with them in their Brooklyn apartment for two weeks as she heals from the procedure.
  • Cher and Dawn both have their high school reunions coming up. Cher has her 10 year and Dawn has her 40th!
  • Cher and Jared have several trips planned this summer, they have a NYC wedding, a Miami wedding, and a vacation in the Bahamas.
  • Cher and Dawn are writing a book together specifically about the mother/daughter relationship, in an effort to help other mothers and daughters have a close and intimate relationship. Their chapters discuss everything from how to have emotional intimacy, trust and a spiritual bond with moms and daughters. As soon as it’s done they will be contacting and approaching potential publishers.
  • Grant (31) is the second oldest sibling. He’s an ER Doctor in NYC and according to Cher and Dawn is tragically single. He’s devastatingly handsome, charismatic and has a great catch, but for someone reason can’t find the right one. Cher and Dawn have made it their mission to hand-select his future wife…But since they are introducing another gal into the family they need to make sure that she’s okay with their relationship—not a jealous type who isn’t family oriented.