Elizabeth & Sarah


Elizabeth & Sarah

Age: 30

Los Angeles, CA

Sexy, smart, witty and insanely close, these blonde bombshell twins have been inseparable their entire lives. Sarah and Elizabeth fully embrace their twin-ship. They love to dress alike and wear their hair the same way. They live together, work together, play and party together. They grew up in a compound in Saudi Arabia as their American parents worked as consultants in the oil industry. As teenagers, they were whisked away to a prestigious boarding school where they lived together. They studied at University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard’s infamous Wharton School of Business. They’re smart, sophisticated, worldly—and shockingly close in ways that most people can’t begin to understand.


Because these identical twins were raised in such a non-traditional manner, it has understandably encouraged them to question all aspects of their lives. The more they realized that they are alike, the more they leaned into their closeness and special bond. The most shocking of all: they’re polyamorist and they share and date the same men. This isn’t to be confused with polygamy or the practice of being tethered to one person. It’s also not just a hall-pass to have numerous sexual partners without consequence. Instead, polyamory for Elizabeth and Sarah is a radical and progressive way to live out their romantic lives and express their deepest emotions and desires. They view it as a bold expression of their deepest truth. These sisters have come to understand that their relationship will always be the ultimate priority and highest-ranking relationship in their lives. Their relationship is inadequately described as, “untouchable soul-mates.” That means that any other relationship, romantic, sexual, platonic, can’t even begin to compete---so, why would they?


They have the same taste in men. They share the same men, and on occasion will be in the same bed at the same time with the same man. The sisters vehemently deny incestuous undertones, arguing that they aren’t sexual with one another, only participants in a voyeuristic act. Nudity, sexuality, and other taboos are simply non-issues for these extremely progressive women. In fact, they are so sexually charged they often time find the men that they date can’t keep up with their racing libidos!


They are currently navigating what it would mean to escalate the romantic relationships in their lives. Would it mean marriage? And if so, would they still be able to date outside of the marriage? What would the boundaries, if any, be in this new situation? Also, the idea of marriage brings about questions of eventual children. Both Sarah and Elizabeth believe that they would be terrific mothers, especially together. In fact, they probably don’t even need the men! If and when they get married and are ready to start a family for themselves, who would get pregnant and by who? And if it’s multiple children, would they all be from the same father? Sarah and Elizabeth are living a life without the hindsight of centuries of tradition and norms-it’s an uncharted, exciting territory that they hope to navigate together. Always together.


Additionally, Sarah has recently received news that she needs to have sinus surgery which has opened the conversation for these two ladies into rhinoplasty and plastic surgery. They have always wanted to get their noses done, but it brings up a lot of precarious questions: do they get the exact same nose? Do they get different noses altogether, or perhaps just slightly different noses? They’re having to make decisions and ultimately define what their identical twin aesthetic ultimately means for them.