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Elana Horwich (44)

Los Angeles, CA

Cookbook Author & Culinary Instructor

  • Elana’s love affair with food started while she was living in Italy. She spent 5 years between Rome and Tuscany in the kitchens of her “Italian mommas”.

  • She majored in Jewish and Italian studies in college. Her time in Italy inspired her to write her cook book, Meal and a Spiel : How to be a Badass in the Kitchen.

  • She runs of culinary school that focus on teaching people how to make phenomenal food, easily.

  • Her Hanukkah recipes are a hybrid of tradition with a splash of Italian. Her brisket has been labeled as “Shabbat but tastes like Italy” as it is prepared with Chianti, tomatoes and rosemary. Her noodle kugel has coconut milk, raw honey and raisins cooked in red wine and cinnamon.

  • Her latkes are prepared with leeks and are prepared with “barely any flour”, fried in olive oil and are topped with crème fraîche and pomegranate seeds.

  • She is motivated to compete to bring her Italian/Jewish menu to the masses!