Katrina (46) & Jasmine (22)
Professional Dancers/Choreographers & Dance Company Owners
Denver, CO

Katrina became obsessed with dance while she was in high school and once her daughter Jasmine was born, she too was unwittingly brought up in the world of professional dance. For Katrina and Jasmine dance is all they have known, both as a workout, art form and as a professional livelihood. The immense pressures of maintaining a nearly impossible physical regiment, while appearing attractive, thin and perfect all of the time has become life-threatening obsessions. What’s worse, because Katrina and Jasmine live together, work together and train together, they are both enabling one another’s self-destructive lifestyle addictions. They will even compete with one another to lose weight, dance a certain step or to grow or tone a specific body part. 

Katrina will go to Yoga for three hours everyday, teach several hours of dance and will work out at their in-home gym in the evening. Jasmine will go to the gym for two hours everyday doing, cardio, stretching and lifting weights and in addition to that, she will go to the dance studio and dance for hours. They admit that they aren’t sleeping enough as they should and are constantly exhausted. 

Katrina and Jasmine’s family are beyond concerned for their well-being. Erica, Katrina’s sister, has tried countless times to implement normalcy into their lives. Katrina is in-turn hostile, defensive and cold, as she doesn’t think there is a problem or is perhaps unwilling to change. Furthermore, Katrina has a seven-year-old son named Sheilo who is caught in the cross hairs. He rarely gets to spend quality time with his mother; he is scared for her well being and is quickly following in the influences of mom and big sister.  

The life of pro-dancers is difficult and funds are tight, therefore Jasmine and Katrina do not have proper health insurance. They haven’t seen a certified medical professional in living memory. There are perhaps numerous health concerns that Jasmine and Katrina simply are unaware of because they haven’t seen a doctor. Katrina’s knees constantly ache and most likely dangerously close to blowing out from years of abuse. Jasmine has issues with her internal organs because of the amount of exercise she does as well as improper nutrition. Her acupuncturist has actually forbid Jasmine from working out but she continues to do so regardless.

Katrina’s passion for dance has turned into a deadly fitness addiction with an unachievable goal that has thus been transferred to her daughter, and possibly to her son Sheilo. Katrina and Jasmine are sadly trapped in an isolated and enmeshed relationship with their fitness addiction because they simply don’t know any other way of living, even though their commitment to it is slowly killing them. If things don’t change for Katrina and Jasmine, Katrina will never find love, happiness, and stability, and she won’t be around to care for her son Sheilo. Jasmine has the opportunity to break the unhealthy cycle, move out and learn to live and thrive on her own, but without help neither Katrina or Jasmine will ever truly realize health or happiness.