Desert Sculpture Pool


Pool Owner: Denise and Paul Davey

Pool Designer/Builder: Marv and Ben Howell, California Pools

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Modern edge, linear design with unique triangular shape and design

  • 24 foot sliding glass door from the house leading from the house to the pool

  • Black pool finish creates a dramatic reflection and visual “pop”

  • 420 square feet and 10k gallons of water

  • Negative edge 

  • Travertine deck and raised space for seating

  • Outdoor kitchen complete with granite countertops


This pool looks more like a modern sculpture than it does a pool. A dramatic black finish, coupled with an angular design, set against a modern home draws the viewer to this astonishing work of art. Denise and Paul moved to Las Vegas over a year ago from Southern California. Their previous house was a 50’s style ranch house, and when they started looking at homes in Las Vegas, they fell in love with modern architecture and how it popped against the desert terrain. They built their dream custom home and knew that they wanted a pool to be the centerpiece of their backyard because they wanted a space that would allow them to spend time outside and entertain. The backyard has interesting angles and an unobstructed view of the Las Vegas Strip. The shape of the pool is triangular and fits the contours of the lot and the shape of the home. The challenge for the designers was fitting in a pool in a tight space, that also reflected the style and architecture of the existing home. Also, they wanted to include a fire feature AND a swimming pool but also NOT block their view of the Vegas skyline. Marv and Ben were able to create a modern and sleek pool with low pool walls as to not obstruct their view.


The pool boasts expert tile work done in a dramatic black tile with glass tiles perfected placed along the pools perimeter. The black tile  used in the pool creates a “mirror” type effect. The mountains and breathtaking sunsets are reflected off of the pool making the pool the canvas for reflecting the beauty surrounding them. It’s an incredible swimming space that has quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. The designers have already submitted this pool to various awards and are confident they will take home some trophies for their outstanding design and craftsmanship.