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Debra Greenwood (66)

Sherman Oaks, CA

Culinary Instructor & Private Chef

  • Debra is a culinary instructor and oversees a department at Glendale Community College that serves 500 people a day. She’s a “proud momma” because her students get real life experience that prepare them for their careers.

  • She is an avid gardener and loves the “garden to table” lifestyle she has built for herself. Her figs this year are out of this world!

  • She fell in love with cooking when she took home economics in high school. She credits her teacher, Mrs. Schofield, as one of the most influential chefs in her life, followed by Julia Child and Alton Brown.

  • Her favorite family recipe is latkes with vodka.

  • Hanukkah is her favorite holiday because she views it as 8 nights of being able to give to others. Hosting people for the holidays is something she looks forward to all year.

  • Her old world style cheesecake is one of her most requested sweet dishes. She flew to New York City when she was 18 to learn how to make it step by step from her grandmother.

  • Wants to compete to encourage people that “anyone can cook”.