Andrew is a charismatic, witty and proud Southern gentleman originally from Kentucky. He works at a tech company and is very motivated in his professional career. Andrew prides himself on being a chivalrous, salt-of-the-earth guy with good values. He was raised to be polite and respectful of all people. Andrew loves to have a good-time, isn’t afraid to act silly, enjoys making others laugh, and is always up for an adventure. 

Andrew calls himself a closeted hopeless romantic, because while his friends see him as ambitious and independent, Andrew admits he would love to share the journey with someone he loves. He desperately wants someone to spoil and to love. Andrew believes that one must be happy to make another happy, and has experienced being stuck in a relationship that lasted too long, even though neither party was happy. He is also served as counsel for his brother who is in an unhappy 7-year relationship, but is too afraid to leave his comfort zone. Andrew says since you only get one trip around the sun, so you should take whatever risks you need to make yourself happy.

Andrew loves Southern belles, and their down-to-earth personalities. He is attracted to all ethnicities, and believes dating someone who is a bit different from himself is the greatest learning experience. Andrew’s perfect date is going to a theme park, so he can see if the girl can let loose and be silly with him. The most romantic thing he ever did for a girl was flying to Canada from Kentucky to surprise his long-distance crush on her birthday.