Adam is not only extremely attractive, a former athlete and a pro-body builder but he's also a thoughtful and genuine man who truly values and respects women. He never meets a stranger, loves new experiences and is usually the life of any social get together. Although he's smart and sincere he isn’t afraid to show off his goofy side and make people laugh. That being said, he also isn’t too hard on the eyes. He get’s plenty of attention from women for his chiseled physique as he’s a personal trainer by trade.

Adam’s father is a therapist and at a very young age he developed a keen ability to express his thoughts and feelings as well as to learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. Additionally, growing up around many powerful, independent women Adam has a fervent respect for women. While Adam has great insight on dating, he thinks that he was deceived by his most recent girlfriend who portrayed herself as someone she was not. Adam’s vulnerability and gullibility were taken advantage of.  So, even though he knew he was on a sinking ship he felt stuck and stayed with her too long…even after she cheated on him! He thinks that anyone in a similar situation should be true to themselves and perhaps ask for an outside opinion.

Adam likes confident, opinionated, unabashed women who can command a room. A good smile is his Achilles’ heel. He has dated all races and ethnicities and has even dated bi-sexual women in the past. The most romantic thing he ever did for a girl, was waking her up with breakfast in bed, a foot massage, and a day full of surprise adventures. The perfect date for Adam involves exploring a new place, a new experience and of course sharing a good bottle of wine.