Shan Boodram is certified as a sexual educator and as a clinical sexologist. Her book, LAID (Seal Press), was a Canadian bestseller, her social reach spans over 240k, and her latest project as the host of MTV’s Guide to Series garnered international press, including The New York Times, The View and Esquire Magazine. Her YouTube channel, a sex-positive platform, has over 10 million views and about 200k subscribers. Boodram runs a counseling service, is an ambassador for the Office on Women’s Health, and a volunteer at Aviva, a home for sex-trafficking survivors. Shan “Boody” Boodram, and her signature vibrating necklace, have spent the past ten years creating conversations and breakthroughs in an area many are afraid to touch. She credits her ability to connect with people to her openness surrounding her own sexuality. There is no subject too taboo or off limits. It's that genuine curiosity for all things love, sex and relationships that has propelled Shan to the success she enjoys today.