Erin Tillman is not just a Dating expert, she’s a matchmaker, relationship coach, de-facto therapist and empowerment guru. For almost 10 years Erin has helped singles successfully navigate through the early stages of dating through her book, The Dating Guidebook, through over 100 dating-related articles for lifestyle and dating websites, radio and TV segments, and through her weekly podcast. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, Erin was the only African American in her class which made her feel like an outsider, especially when it came to dating. Guys wouldn’t explore their curiosities of dating her because of their parents narrow minded views on race. Erin believes that everyone should explore their curiosities because of the dangers of living a lie could end up hurting not only themselves but hurt their partner’s as well. She also believes that there isn’t just one person for everyone or one type of relationship model for that matter. Erin hosts and participates in dating, self-help, consent workshops, and singles events all around Los Angeles, and has even given dating tips to celebs. Everyone trusts Erin because they know her policy of honesty trumps all. She has been featured on Lifetime Network, ABC7 Los Angeles, and mentioned in Men’s Healthy Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. Erin is highly sought after in the LA area and has deep ties to communities that are considered taboo such as the BDSM and polyamorous community. There is no type of curiosity that Erin doesn’t feel comfortable coaching and taking on.