Danielle Ayoka is an internationally known astrologer, love and relationship expert and media personality who has taken mysticism and love to mainstream media. With her expertise in metaphysics, spirituality and relationships, Danielle has made "the unknown" relatable and down to earth. Loved by pop culture and her fan base on social media, Danielle is a trendsetter boldly changing our perception of the world as we know it. She has been doling out dating and love advice for most of her life. She considers herself an intuitive healer from a long line of intuitive women in her family lineage. Her approach to working with clients involves an intimate, one-on-one experience wherein she engenders a sense of trust in order to dig deep into the truth of their personal and love lives. Although the subject matter is sensitive and tender, Danielle effortlessly injects her own unique brand of humor, love, positivity and empowerment. Danielle has personally helped people from all walks of life explore their curiosities, from clients exploring taboos, to close friends discovering polyamory and even helping her ex’s come out of the closet. Danielle also identifies as pan-sexual, which preferences her attraction to a person as opposed to a gender. She has a unique ability to empathize with someone's personal life. Danielle is a spirited and soulful guide who can naturally and gracefully navigate the often difficult journey of exploring one’s curiosity. She brings a genuine sense of optimism, empowerment, and truth to each and every encounter.