CONNIE (57) & JULIA (15)

Home: 1928 Tudor

 Home Address: 19680 Chesterfield Road, Detroit, MI 48221

Layout: 5 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths

Square Footage: 3,000 sq. ft.

Approximate Budget: $15,000 - $18,000



1. Kitchen

2. Recreation Room

3. Nooks

  • Connie is a Detroit native who grew up with her siblings and parents in the Chesterfield home in Detroit. She spent most of her adult life in California with her daughter, Julia, until they decided moved back to Connie’s childhood home and care for her parents.

  • Connie’s parents purchased the home in 1967 and it was perfect for their growing family. Her parents were historical home enthusiasts and it was important for them to live in a property that had history and not a, “cookie cutter,” home in the suburbs.

  • Connie has done some DIY projects with the help of a friend to help enhance the home. She pulled up the 70s shag carpeting and cleaned up the beautiful wood floors underneath. There is still much to be done. Years of neglect from her aging parents, 1970’s Formica countertops, old and dated wallpaper, not to mention plenty of her families’ clutter that makes her feel like restoring this home is overwhelming.  

  • Now that Connie’s parents have passed and the house belongs to her and Julia, she wants to make changes to the home for she and Julia to make a new generation of memories. But in order to do s, they need to update the home, make it livable/functional and reflective of their personalities and style.

  • Kitchen – The kitchen is the room that perplexes Connie and Julia the most. It feels out of a bad 1970’s ad. The stark white tile, dated wallpaper cabinets, old hanging ac unit and Formica countertops age the space tremendously. Connie and Julia would love to throw parties but this kitchen is not functional or even fun to inspire any celebrations.

  • Recreation Room/Basement- The rec room in the basement is a hidden gem, but you have to dig through decades of boxes and clutter to get to it! Julia and Connie know that the space has potential to be one of their favorite rooms in the house. It has a stone fireplace that needs to be restored, it needs updating on the floors and walls to make it feel warm, cozy and inviting. Also, there’s tons of their families’ stuff that is emotionally difficult for Connie to sort through. What to keep? What to get rid of? It’s a lot for anyone to process.