Cliffhanging Pool


Pool Owner: Carol and Jon Ellis  

Pool Designer/Builder: Don Goldstone, Ultimate Water Creations

Location: Brentwood, CA


·     Project Cost: $750,000

·      Award Pebble Technologies, “World’s Greatest Pool”

·      Cliffside pool supported by custom concrete pillars

·      Extreme negative edge

·      Canyon views

·      Acrylic in-pool windows that offer views through the pool from the interior of the home

·      Spa

·      Imported travertine coping

When Carol and Jon purchased their ultra-modern home in the affluent canyon area of Brentwood, they never dreamed that a pool was possible. However, Don was able to build a swimming space that matched the architecture of their beautiful four level modern home. All from scratch. On a hillside. The Ellis’ pool is a cliff-hanging architectural marvel. Perched on a steep hillside, Don Goldstone was tasked with building a pool in mid-air. The permitting process for such a feat took longer than a year because the city was so skeptical of such an unprecedented design. With thousands of pounds of concrete, poured into five massive pillars, this pool is essentially a concrete work of art floating in mid-air off of an ultra-modern Hollywood hills home. From lab test results on silicone caulking to specific specs on water pressure for acrylic windows, every detail of this pool needed to be tested for safety. Part of the reason the pool was so difficult to build was that there was no-existing structure to install a pool, so Don had to start on the hillside and build up. Not only is there a beautiful, modern pool, but the house now has more than 1,500 square feet of usable outdoor space.


The pool has a unique, curve shape and an extreme negative edge design. One of the more unique features of the pool are the two rectangular windows built from high-grade, custom acrylic. Both windows are below the water, inside the pool. One window looks out across the canyon, and the other window lies directly across, with a view directly into the Ellis’ living room. The windows are placed so that if you are sitting in the living room, you can look not only inside the pool, but across and through the pool to the other window and out into the canyon. It’s an incredibly whimsical design made possible by careful planning and engineering. Carol and Jon are art collectors and their pool is one of their favorite pieces in their collection!