Cali is a free spirited, adventurous and spontaneous young woman who has always been artistic and expressive. However, growing up in a small, rural town in Ohio she was made to feel different for expressing herself. From a young age, Cali was taught that a woman needed a man for everything: money, protection and validation. This traditional and sexist teaching was directly at odds with her attraction to women: a deep seeded feeling that she buried for many years. Cali didn’t fully open up concerning her sexual orientation until she was in an open relationship with her male fiancé of 7 years. However, when her fiancé agreed to experiment with other women, it truly showed Cali that she would rather only date women. This crushed her fiancé and he kicked her out of their home. Around this time, Cali’s father passed away. Seeing the fragility and fleeting nature of life made Cali realize that she doesn’t have all the time in the world and that she should be true to herself. Cali packed her bags and ended up moving across the county to Los Angeles where she knew her sexuality and spiritual beliefs about love would be accepted. 

Moving to LA was the best decision she ever made, even though she ended up breaking up with her girlfriend at the time. Cali now chooses to surround herself with creative and artistic women, many of whom are gay and bisexual. She is attracted to tall women, either brunette or blonde. She loves an easy laugh, an artistic, free-spirited energy, and of course, someone with a well toned, sexy body. She is also vegan, a lifestyle choice she shares with Olivia. For fun, Cali likes to attend music festivals, she loves to write and she also loves to work out. Cali’s carefree approach to life will give Olivia valuable insight into how to transcend a limited worldview and ultimately how to accept one’s self. Cali is interested in being able to share her experience in the hope that she can be a guide and friend, one Cali never had but wish that she did. Cali is also single and ready to meet questioning women.