Caitlin is a beautiful, sexy, confident and caring young woman. She’s often pre-judged as vapid and self-absorbed because of her disarming good looks…but that doesn’t stop her from living life on her own terms. Caitlin has been with her boyfriend, George, for two years. The couple has an open, Polyamrous relationship that is based on Caitlin’s need to be with women. From a young age Caitlin realized that she was attracted to both men and women. However, growing up in the small, conservative town of Union Town, PA stifled her self-acceptance. That detractor coupled with bullying and harassment at school only further pushed Caitlin into the closet. Furthermore, her mother and grandmother touted old-world views that didn’t accept LGBT people. It therefore took many years for Caitlin to finally find peace with her sexuality.

Caitlin admits that it has been difficult to form female relationships and have girlfriends throughout her life because she has never seen them as simply platonic relationships. To Caitlin, she has always seen men and women in the same way and therefore has always thought of both sexes as potential mates or lovers. In her experience men do not know what to do with a bisexual woman: They don't know whether to revere her or scorn her or try to convince her to have a threesome or an orgy for their own benefit. However, having a loving boyfriend and partner has helped Caitlin to accept her sexuality and not judge herself for it.

Now, Caitlin has a strong sense of self as well as a loving support network of LGBT friends. She is attracted to all types of women but especially likes women with a fun personality, a sense of style, and of course someone tall and attractive. Caitlin has a healthy sense of adventure and is always down to try something new, whether it’s a new sport, zip-lining, or attending underground parties or events.  Caitlin considers herself an introspective and contemplative person who loves to talk with family and friends about their romantic and life issues. She says that it helps her gain clarity on her own life and relationships. Caitlin would consider it honor to share her thoughts and experiences concerning female same-sex-sexuality with Olivia. Plus, Caitlin has a thing for blondes!