CURIOSITY: Bisexuality/S+M Fetish

Olivia is a free spirited, good-hearted yet strong-willed social worker who lives in a small, rural mining town in northern Minnesota. She was raised in a religious home and her father was a pastor. Olivia is engaged to her sweetheart, Christopher who is ten years her senior. Olivia loves that Christopher is extremely positive and she considers him her best friend. In fact, she moved to Silver Bay just to be with him. Together, they love going hiking, canoeing, and spending time with their dog Marley who she calls their “practice child”.  As a self-described free spirit, Olivia has never been in a long-term relationship. Additionally, she has never been in a monogamous relationship. The idea of settling down is exciting yet terrifying for her. Before she enters a “traditional, monogamous marriage,” Olivia wants to explore her sexual desires.

Olivia is curious about being intimate with another woman. She finds tall, slender, smart and "obnoxious" women attractive. Beyond sex with a woman Olivia is interested in a more exciting sex life, namely S+M play: handcuffs, being thrown around, and being tied up. This is something that Christopher has never been open to. She is passionate about exploring other options for her love life but Christopher is very conservative and her religious upbringing has led her to believe she was wrong for even having these thoughts. She has kept her desires and curiosities a secret because she worries it could threaten her engagement and relationship with Christopher. Olivia would rather explore her curiosities now, before she is married, rather than suppressing them or damaging a marriage.