Melanie is a single mom living in St. Louis who dedicates all of her time to her 4 year old, special needs daughter, Haley. She’s had a hard time dating in the past as she’s been worried how men will react to dating a single mom with a special needs daughter. Melanie has been dating her current boyfriend, Andy for the past two years. The two have been best friends for many years before their relationship transitioned from friendship to romance. Andy is an upstanding, loving and nurturing boyfriend to Melanie and a reliable and caring father figure to Haley. Even though she is not his daughter. Melanie feels that her relationship with Andy is based on friendship and mutual admiration as opposed to a sexual and romantic connection. Sexually, Melanie has never been able to reach climax with Andy and often must “fake it” with him. 

Melanie is conflicted about her feelings and plans for her relationship with Andy. He is an amazing boyfriend and father figure to her daughter, but at the same time she isn’t attracted to him romantically or sexually. She struggles daily with this problem. Ultimately, Melanie wants to be swept off her feet in love and is missing the romantic spark. She feels this missing piece might be dating a woman...

Melanie admits she has always been curious about being intimate with a woman. This desire has always been in the back of her head but she has never had the courage to actually approach a woman and start a relationship. Andy would be shocked and hurt if he knew the truth. Only her mom and best friend have any idea that Melanie isn’t happy in her relationship. Melanie is hesitant about acting on her desires because her daughter is extremely attached to her current boyfriend as a father figure. Melanie knows she will not be happy and complete until she has explored being with a woman.