Matt grew up in a traditional, Mid-Western family in Indiana. His father always dreamed Matt would be an athlete, but instead he was the creative type and was frequently the target of bullies in school. Matt doesn't really identify with either gender, and says that he has never really understood gender at all. He feels that he has strong female and male traits, and perhaps he is gender fluid. Matt identifies as being straight, but admits he's always had curiosity about being with a man and feels like he could fall in love with any gender.  He spent his high school years keeping up his tough guy appearance for his schoolmates but always resented the machismo in modern society. Once he enrolled in college Matt fell head over heels in love with Hadley. They are self-described "soulmates" who are very much in love. 

Matt is curious about what it would be like to open their relationship to polyamory. He feels that the concept of multiple types of love with multiple partners, both physical and emotional, might be the key to his self-identity and help him to answer questions about his own gender(s). Matt has not revealed to Hadley that he is interested in making their couple a "truple" in a more serious way. He realizes that he might not even want the headache of having two partners, and it has added to his anxiety in telling Hadley. Matt is very afraid he'll break Hadley's heart and she'll leave him. Matt isn't sure if he'd prefer to welcome a male or a female into their relationship, but he's ready to find out. Matt is afraid if he doesn't explore his curiosities he will resent Hadley and leave many un-answered questions for himself.