CURIOSITY: Heterosexuality

Kiara is a fun loving, smart and sassy Southern waitress who has only dated one woman her entire life: Brittany. Kiara and Brittany met online and have been best friends and lovers for seven years. Raised in a very religious family, Kiara has kept her seven year relationship a secret from everyone in her life except her extremely close friends, even though she has a “Britteny” tattoo. Kiara’s conservative parents believe that being gay is wrong and Kiara even agrees with this perspective. 

Unfortunately, Kiara’s relationship has been rocky as there has been a history of Brittany not being faithful. Kiara has never strayed although she has indeed been curious about who else is out there. Even though the two women have a strong connection Kiara knows something is missing… she isn’t sure if she is meant to be with a woman.

Kiara is slowly coming to terms that she might be attracted to men. She believes that in order to make a final decision about her relationship with Brittany she needs to explore being with a man. She has never kissed, hugged, or even talked or flirted with a man before. She is attracted to Caucasian men with nice eyes and an easy going and humorous personality. She has never explored this desire because she doesn’t want to hurt Brittany and ruin the connection they have had over the past seven years. Her parents would be thrilled if she started to date a man, especially if he is a Christian man. Kiara needs to know what it is to be with a man as well as another person as she has never been with anyone besides Brittany. To Kiara, this experience would not only answer questions about her current relationship but about her own sexual orientation and where she belongs in the world.