Kenneth and WenAshia have been a couple for over six years and have a two-year-old son together. They’ve been dating since high school! On paper they seem like a perfect couple: beautiful son, college educated, home-owners but they both agree that they are unfulfilled and unhappy in their relationship. WenAshia admits that they are best friends but feels like a romantic spark is missing. Kenneth has been contemplating the idea of proposing to WenAshia, but he's reluctant and apprehensive. He isn't convinced that she is the right person for him. From the outside, many people assume that Kenneth is gay and although he admits to being attracted to men, he isn't "out" in public or identify as gay.  He worries that if he never gets a chance to explore his sexuality that he will be trapped in a life that was not meant for him. He needs to know if the attraction is simply sex, or if a relationship with a man and coming out are possible for him. WenAshia fantasizes about having sexual relations with other females but has not acted on them because of her religious views. They both Ken and WenAshia admit they don’t think it’s ok to be gay. Both of their families are extremely homophobic. They are terrified of what their families, friends and society will think of them, and even worse losing friends and family members. WenAshia and Kenneth are hoping to learn if they are meant to be husband and wife, or if they are better suited to be best friends and co-parents. As is, their current relationship cannot withstand either of their attraction to the same sex. It is only adding to their unhappiness and disconnect. They need to decide who they are in order to find the path to true happiness.