Jessica is a young, empathetic hopeless romantic living in a small town in Minnesota. She has been with her boyfriend Nick for the past six years. The two have started the conversation regarding their future and marriage...something that Jessica is indeed interested in. Nick gives Jessica everything she wants in their relationship and is constantly professing his love for her but Jessica feels something is missing and doesn’t feeling entirely ready to settle down with Nick. Because she has only been with Nick, Jessica has been left to wonder “what else is out there?”

Jessica admits she would like to experiment with women and possibly even add a third partner into her relationship. She is attracted to the alternative “Suicide girl” type with tattoos and piercings. The farthest she has ever gone is kissing a girl at a concert. Nick doesn’t realize the extent of Jessica’s dissatisfaction and would be shocked to learn about her curiosity. Furthermore, Jessica believes Nick would be scared that she would leave him for a woman. Jessica also believes that her family would be disappointed in her if she didn’t commit to Nick and started exploring her interest in women. Her biggest concern is hurting Nick’s feelings which is the main reason she hasn’t experimented on her own. If she keeps suppressing these feelings and desires she knows they will only grow stronger in the years to come. She doesn’t want to end up married and unhappy and potentially having these feelings express themselves through infidelity.