Elijah knew he was attracted to men when he was three years old. His parents, both conservative Filipinos, do not accept that their son is gay. Even though Elijah came out to his parents four years ago, they still avoid the topic, which forces Elijah to live in the closet around his extended family and their friends. Elijah has been engaged to his boyfriend Ali for approximately two and half years. Ali is twenty years older than Elijah, but withheld his true age until well into their relationship, as Ali physically looks a lot younger. Ali is Muslim and has not come out to his own family about his sexuality. Ali is very traditional and even believes it is wrong for two men to be together, yet still wants to marry Elijah. Ali lies to his family about Elijah and has them convinced that he is dating a girl, which is a constant source of stress in their relationship. Elijah wants to date someone that isn’t ashamed of him. Elijah is fed up with secrets.

Before Elijah moves forward in marrying Ali he is curious about the possibility of being with a girl. Elijah contends that he has always had such strong emotional relationships and friendships with women that perhaps dating a woman could possibly work. He has never been with a woman, let alone even kissed a female. He does admit to finding some women attractive, and is open to experiment. Elijah does like sex, but sex with a woman would be a very new experience for him. Elijah is hoping to use this experience to learn if a relationship with a woman is possible. He wants it to help inform his current relationship with Ali. He also wants to be able to finally have evidence to present to his parents regarding his sexuality and perhaps gain back their acceptance and love.