Christian is an aspiring fashion designer currently making a living creating cosplay costumes. He’s taking a semester off of college to reevaluate his life goals and career direction. He admits he has an ideal relationship and is very happy with his girlfriend, Sara. The two have been together for two years and she is the perfect, doting girlfriend. Although on the outside the young lovers have a seemingly picture perfect relationship, Christian is hiding a secret from Sara… something that he is terrified could jeopardize their relationship. 

At a young age Christian realized he was attracted to older women- whether it be his teachers, his friend’s mothers, or random women in public. He has not told anyone about these feelings for fear of judgement. While looking for a roommate online, he randomly ended up on a date with a significantly older woman. Nothing happened sexually and although the encounter was brief, the experience awakened a deeply ingrained curiosity for him. A “Pandora’s box” in his own words. Christian has not explored this on his own because of society’s negative standpoint on the age gap and he doesn’t want to hurt Sara or damage their relationship. Christian’s ideal woman would be around 45 years old. He is attracted to older women because of their confidence, self awareness, sex-appeal and life experience. He has never kissed an older woman but admits he is dying to. In his opinion, “it’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN,” he will explore this curiosity. The attraction for him is overwhelmingly strong and undeniable. Although his relationship with Sara hangs in the balance Christian can no longer hide his true feelings.