Chebar was raised in a strict, religious family where image and saving-face meant everything. As she matured, Chebar began to rebel against her strict upbringing. Chebar was adopted, and although she has a close relationship with her biological mother, she feels that her adopted parents have abandoned her. She hasn’t spoken to her parents in four years as they do not condone or relate to her non-Christian beliefs. She desperately wants to reconnect with her parents and craves their affection and love. Despite her fear of being vulnerable, Chebar admits she is falling in love with her boyfriend Dejohn. They are best friends and she loves the way that he makes her feel. This is a rare feeling for Chebar as she has a history of running from relationships as soon as she starts to catch feelings or it becomes serious. 

Ideally, Chebar would like to have an open relationship with a boyfriend and possibly a few girlfriends. She is scared because of the emotional toll a polyamorous relationship could take on all parties involved. However, Chebar realizes that she feels incomplete in a traditional, monogamous relationship. Chebar guesses that her interest in multiple people relates to her abandonment of her parents: if she has the love of many, no one can leave her. She is hoping this opportunity can help her understand why she craves love from numerous people at all times.