CURIOSITY: Being with a man



It may be shocking to learn but at 25 years old Andras is a virgin. He has never slept with a woman because of his religious upbringing and his long term relationship. Andras has been in an on again, off again relationship with Renee for the past seven years. The two met in the fifth grade and have been inseparable best friends ever since. The two have planned to be together forever for many years. They’ve discussed and planned wedding ceremonies, they have matching tattoos and they’ve even decided on names for their future children. Raised in an extremely religious and conservative Southern family, everyone expected Andras to marry a girl and start having kids by now. Andras is less cookie cutter than his family and likes to express himself by having dreadlocks, tattoos and piercings and working as a GoGo dancer part-time at parties. Although it’s incredibly difficult for Andras to admit, he is secretly attracted to men.

Andras is curious about being in a relationship with a man. He is attracted to tall, confident, muscular “Jock” type of guys who can take control and dominate him. Andras is afraid that exploring a relationship with a man will ruin all of his life plans with Renee. He secretly admires gay couples on Instagram, yearning for the relationship and love that he sees can indeed exist between two guys. Despite this, Andras has a very difficult time even admitting this curiosity. His denial about his sexuality runs deep. Andras is terrified that his family will not accept him if he comes out. He says that Renee will “hate him” if he opens up to her. Andras’ father passed away when was only two years old and since then has been the de-facto father figure to his younger brothers. He fears disappointing his mother and being rejected by his family. Andras is the definition of a confused man: he is not sure if he is bisexual, asexual, heterosexual, or homosexual. Andras is desperate to learn if being with a man is truly what will make him happy in life and love.