Caribbean Inspired Paradise


Pool Owner: Jessica and tim euting

Pool Designer/Builder: Chad Dains, Southern Wind Pools

Location: Frisco, TX


  • Dual, multi-level free-form, lagoon style pool with negative edge design

  • Upper pool is 32ft x 24ft and the lower pool is 42ft x 18ft. 

  • Honeycomb limestone aka “Holey Rock” boulders used as decor

  • Baja shelf and authentic Caribbean hammocks for sunbathing 

  • Fire pot and mood lighting for nighttime swims

  • Bridge made for elevated diving into the lower pool

  • Waterfall nestled between 2 grottos


The Euting family love the time they spend outdoors. Fishing is one of the family’s pastimes and their annual trips to the Caribbean inspired the key elements in their pool. A perfect party includes Tim frying up his fresh ocean catch in his commercial grade fryer to make delicious fish tacos for his friends and family. The families’ kitchen has a massive pocket door that allows unobstructed access to their pool area. Jessica and Tim decided that they needed two pools to be able to incorporate all of the features they wanted to include. The upper pool has a tanning ledge and play area surrounded by seating areas for their frequent gatherings of family and friends. The lower pool was specifically designed with the Texas summer in mind. Tim made sure the pool was designed with enough depth to keep the water cool and refreshing, despite the months of heat during the summer months. The upper pool and lower pool were plastered in two different tones, each inspired by the color of the water in the Caribbean. The upper pool is a shade of deep emerald and the lower pool is a shade of blue inspired by the water in Bimini, a coastal Bahamian city. The upper pool has 17,500 gallons of water and the lower pool has 31,000 gallons of water. The pool also boasts a waterfall feature, a stone bridge, spa and 2 grottos incorporated into the design between the two pools. The Eutings also raise the most adorable golden retrievers who absolutely adore their owner’s pool. It’s not a party unless you’re diving from a rock ledge with a pack of wet canines!