Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Inspired Pool


Pool Owner: Brett McCulloch  

Pool Designer/Builder: Mike and Nick Saia, Liquid FX Pools

Location: Galt, CA


·     Styled after the famous Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland

·      Repurposed antique mining accents: wooden train track with crashing mine cart

·      Reclaimed barn wood materials

·      Antique lanterns retrofitted with LED lighting

·      Repurposed corrugated metal roofing

·      Outdoor kitchen using thousands of hand-placed rocks and stones

·      Waterfalls and waterslide

·      Swim-up bar fashioned from a boulder

·      Over 400 tons of boulders used in the project

Brett Clark wanted to create a pool that would be the fixture of his home for hosting parties for friends and family. Brett wanted to create a whimsical environment that would capture the hearts of the young and old alike. Between Brett and Michael, they dreamed up the idea of “Galt Disney,” a swimming pool inspired by the Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland. To keep true to the landscape of the Old West, Michael and Nick wanted to use as many natural elements as possible, including, wood, stone and metal. The Liquid FX team visited Disneyland to see the elements of the ride so they could execute the project and make Brett’s dream a reality. The freeform pool features a beach entry, sunken kitchen and swim-up bar complete with an El Dorado flagstone countertop and a 20 x 25 “Acapulco shelf” for kids and adults to enjoy. There are over 350 tons of boulders used to create realistic mountain side and mineshaft spaces. Liquid FX used reclaimed mining and railroad accents such as railroad lamps converted in to LED lights used in the rock features of the mountain and on the hardscape of the area. They also sourced rusted metal off of old barn roofs to use in the exterior mineshaft elements of the façade. The outdoor kitchen remains true to theme as well. Adorned with boulders, rusted metal accents and hundreds of rocks and stones, the kitchen uses as many natural elements as well to conjure images of the “Old West.” Brett loves hosting large parties and has no problem getting 75 people over to visit “Galt Disney”.