Backyard Oasis & Movie Theater


Pool Owner: Eric Perkins

Pool Designer/Builder: Mitch Kalamian, Solena Beach Landscape

Location: Huntington Beach, CA


  • Mediterranean/Tropical themed hybrid freeform style pool

  • State-of-the-art entertainment with 2 Weatherproof TV’s

  • Large projection screen landscaped into the backyard, with perfect view from the pool

  • Sunken fire pit gathering area, nestled inside the pool

  • Full kitchen with a kegerator and full bar 

  • Hot water rock waterfall spa are

  • Sauna area 

  • Baja shelf complete with seating

  • Grotto with LED light saturation


When Eric brought in Mitch Kalamian to discuss building his dream pool, Eric was torn between building a pool with Mediterranean inspiration to keep with the design of his home or building a tropical oasis inspired by his favorite travel destinations. Mitch designed a hybrid pool and landscape with influences of both of Eric’s ideas. The main objective of the pool is to serve as the ultimate party and entertaining space. Eric wanted to be able to watch sporting events and movies while outside, so state-of-the-art televisions were installed around the pool. The two televisions are weatherproof and made to last outdoors. There is also a 10’ x 14’ projection screen that is strategically place on the properties’ fence facing the pool. The screen is framed in bamboo wood and surrounded by ivy and lush, tropical foliage. No matter where you are in the pool you have a perfect view of a movie on the big screen or the game playing on a TV—or both at the same time!


The freeform, lagoon style pool offers somethings for everyone! The furnished Baja shelf is a favorite for guests wanting to work on their tan and keep cool, the serene grotto is perfect for taking a moment to be enveloped by the echoing sound of the surrounding waterfalls and the sauna area is perfect for breaking a sweat before jumping in to the refreshing pool. Mitch designed the backyard to feature multi-elevation to plan for various seating areas around the pool. Eric’s favorite area outside of the pool is the sunken fit pit because it is level with the water in the pool, so you feel like you are floating. This pool attracts a lot of attention and Eric loves to host people and entertain!