Autumn & Rachel


Autumn & Rachel

Age: 20

Atlanta, Georgia

As identical twins, Autumn and Rachel turn heads wherever they go. They live together, share one car together, go on job interviews together, and share a bedroom together. They’ve shared a bedroom their entire lives and often times they’re sleeping in the same bed. They admit that they haven’t been apart for more than two days in their entire lives! They describe one another as soulmates, and they feel lucky enough to have found what most people spend their whole lives seeking. Which, although it’s an incredible partnership that defies proper explanation, it often times complicates their lives more than not.


Raised in rural Maine, the girls endured a tumultuous divorce and custody battle between their mother and father. When they weren’t shuttled between two-households, they found sanctuary and a safe-space living with their part Native American grandparents in a Yurt without electricity. The girls credit their grandparents for raising them, teaching them about life, values and family—not to mention homesteading, gardening and the life skills of subsistence living. Needless to say, being twins, coming from divorced parents and being raised in a Yurt in the woods, Autumn and Rachel have been bonded in a way that most people don’t and can’t understand. 


As soon as they turned eighteen the girls decided to skip college and begin making a life for themselves in Atlanta, GA. With a wing and a prayer, and without knowing a soul, the two packed up everything and are taking the initial steps of building a life for themselves in the big city of the South. Trained in circus performing arts, the girls use their shock-and-awe-twin looks to their advantage and are often booking promotional and gigs as well as parties.


However, new beginnings come with unchartered territory: boyfriends. Autumn is in a new relationship with her boyfriend Carson. The couple is flirtatious, fun and love spending time together like most any young couple would. Often times, Carson will bring flowers, chocolates and presents for Autumn AND Rachel because he has come to realize that the two are a package deal. More often than not Rachel joins all of their dates. When Carson sleeps over, he’s in bed with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s sister is eight feet away in her own bed. It’s a too close for comfort situation for any guy, despite how understanding he is.


The introduction of a boyfriend is testing boundaries and the limits of the girl’s insanely close relationship. Both girls have issues being alone without one another, but Rachel especially has a real problem being without her sister—even more so if she is with Carson. Rachel will go into full panic mode if she hasn’t heard from her sister, and will call, text and frantically facetime.

Although Rachel is happy for her sister, she is afraid that Autumn will one day leave her and that she’ll be alone. What’s more, (and although there is no arguing this to her) Rachel considers herself the, “lesser” and the “uglier” twin. Even though they are mirror images of one another, she still feels inferior to her sister and therefore doesn’t feel worthy of love and a serious relationship. Autumn’s growing relationship with Carson is the beginning of the realization and manifestation of those fears. Autumn has asked Carson to move into their apartment and the girls are going to try separate bedrooms for the first times in their lives. Rachel and Autumn are at an impasse, navigating what and how relationships outside one another will function, or not… Will Rachel be able to start dating on her own? Will Carson moving in create a wedge between the two sisters? Will jealously arise for the sisters and how will they cope, fail or succeed with the changes they are facing?