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Andrea Ruth (48)

West Hollywood, CA


·      Is a life-long foodie who is a proponent of the "half healthy" model when it comes to her cooking, she likes to make everything from scratch with quality ingredients. 

·      She smokes her own fish!

·      Says that salad is her superpower. Living in California, she knows she is spoiled with the best produce and thinks that each cite of salad should have bright flavors. "California Borsch" is another specialty - it's carrot based! 

·      Her latkes are legendary as she makes them crisped to perfection and topped with a blackberry cardamom apple sauce. 

·      Makes a killer Yemeni style matzah ball soup with an aromatic chicken broth with turmeric. Speaking of turmeric, she thinks that turmeric and cumin are the best when paired with chicken. 

·      She is a master improviser in the kitchen. Having worked as a catering chef, she knows how to think quickly on her feet and how to make a dish come together under pressure. 

·      Motivated to do this competition because she loves Jewish cuisine and culture. 

·      Wants to participate in the show to show how Jewish cuisine can be approachable, fun and exciting!