Ana & Lucy


ana (33) & lucy (33)

perth, australia

“The world’s most identical twins”

Ana and Lucy are one soul living in two bodies. They have spent their entire lives together, they do everything together and they refuse to change anything about the way they live. Ana and Lucy are not just twins and they are known as “The World’s Most Identical Twins.” They were featured on a Japanese TV special that tested an advanced facial recognition software  and the machine couldn’t tell the twins apart!

Ana and Lucy are obsessed with looking the same. They always dress the same, even down to their bra and underwear! They eat and drink the same amounts to ensure they maintain their identical physical appearances. For instance, if Ana has a crumb left on her plate that the Lucy does not, Ana will make Lucy eat the crumb so that they will have eaten the exact same amount. The twins love food and are obsessed with going to lavish buffets. They find it easier to make sure they are eating the same portions when they have control over everything that’s on their plates. When working out, the twins obsessively make sure that they are burning the same amount of calories and completing the same number of reps when lifting weights. 

In their entire lives, Ana and Lucy have only spent 12 hours apart. The twins had their breast augmentation surgery done on the same day by the same doctor, so they had to be apart during each other’s surgery and recovery. Ana remembers waking up and the first thing she asked was “where is my sister?” Ana and Lucy have gone to mental health professionals to deal with the grief of losing their father, Luigi, but they find it hard to find therapists who will accept their unique lifestyle. They have been advised to start spending time away from each other, but that is not an option as far as these twins are concerned. 

Finding work has been a struggle for Ana and Lucy. They want to work at the same place and be ensured that they will get the same hours. When they previously worked in an elder care facility, Ana would work and Lucy would volunteer. The following day, Lucy would work and Ana would volunteer. The twins refuse to take jobs that would require them to be away from each other. Plus, the twins share a cell phone and getting jobs away from each other would mean they wouldn’t be able to share a phone anymore! 

Ana and Lucy are in love with the same man! The twins have been dating their boyfriend, Ben, for 8 years. Ana and Lucy dated separate men before meeting Ben and they didn’t like the experience. They didn’t like that when dating separate men, the men were always trying to pull them away from each other for “alone time”. When they met Ben, the twins knew he was “the one”. After their first date, Ana and Lucy asked him if he would be interested in dating both of them, and he was open to the idea. The twins feel like they have the perfect relationship. There is no jealousy between the twins because they feel like Ben is perfect for both of them and he supports their unique need to always be together, even in the bedroom. 

The next year has a lot of change in store for this identical duo. Ana and Lucy are serious about marrying their boyfriend, Ben. After doing some research, the twins know that their options are limited when it comes to finding a place where they can both marry the same man. The final piece of the twins next plan is to have a baby at the same time. Ana and Lucy want to conceive naturally, but as they get closer to starting the next chapter of their lives with Ben, they realize that they will need to consider in vitro fertilization as their best odds of getting pregnant at the same time. Ana would never want to be pregnant without Lucy and vice versa. They want to experience everything together including getting married and starting a family!