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Mother: Amy (43)

Daughter: Brianna (23)

Amy: New York City – Brianna: Ludlow, Massachusetts 


“Mom & Daughter Mommies”

At first glance, seeing two women breastfeeding their babies side-by-side would make most anyone assume that they’re friends or perhaps sisters. In this scenario Amy and Brianna are actually mom and daughter, and also both moms to infants; Xander is Brianna’s son, age 15 months and Bellamy is Amy’s daughter, age 11 months. This mom and daughter had babies who were born 4 months apart. Amy and Brianna have always been close, but having babies together has taken their relationship to a new level. When mom is having a difficult time producing milk, daughter Brianna doesn’t think twice about breastfeeding her sister, Bellamy. In turn, if Brianna needs help, Amy will breastfeed her grandson Xander. Nick and Davut, Amy’s and Brianna’s respective boyfriends don’t like the breastfeeding, they think that it’s inappropriate, especially in public.  

Amy (43) lives in New York with her boyfriend Davut (31) and Brianna (23) lives in Massachusetts with her boyfriend Nick (27). All of Nick’s family lives in the Massachusetts and the young couple has a home there. Davut and Amy need to be in New York for Davut’s work. However, the distance is extremely tough for Amy and Brianna who are so used to spending every moment together. Before they were moms Amy and Brianna were wild women together, they got piercings together (Mom belly-button, daughter nipples) and tattoos together. Amy had Brianna when she was 20 and thought she was going to live happily ever after. She realized when Brianna was 2 years old that her marriage was not going to last and decided that her happily ever after was going to be her relationship with her daughter. Since then, it’s been Amy and Brianna against the world.

Now that they’re both mom’s, Amy feels like she has a second chance to re-live her experience raising Brianna but with a new generation of children. Going to the park, changing diapers, doctor’s visits, mommy and me classes, bedtime rituals, potty-training, Amy and Brianna want to experience it all together. Because of the distance, Amy spends every weekend with Brianna and Nick, packing her bags and coming stay. Nick is less than thrilled to have his girlfriend’s mom not only spending every weekend with them, but she’s taking up his quality time with Amy. Not to mention, Amy is also acting as a second mom in his son’s life, and pushing him out of parenting situations that he should be making with Brianna. When Amy comes to stay, Nick makes it well-known that she isn’t welcome, causing Amy to get upset and leave. Brianna in turn is then outraged that Nick doesn’t want to spend time with her mom and is a conflicting presence in her life.

Amy and Davut's relationship is at a turning point. Though they have been together for almost 4 years and have an 11-month old child together, Davut just told his family that he has a girlfriend named Amy and that he has a baby daughter named Bellamy. Naturally his family was shocked that their son had kept such a major secret from them. They immediately began to question Davut about Amy. In Davut's culture it is taboo for a man to date a woman who is drastically older (they have a 12-year difference in age). Davut has been lying to his family and told them that Amy is 33, turning 34 in October, when in reality, she is 43 turning 44. Davut's family are suspicious of Amy after seeing pictures of her. They are skeptical about her age. They want to meet Amy and Bellamy in person so that they can see for themselves what Amy actually looks like. Davut is afraid that he will give his mom a heart attack and that he’ll be disowned if they know the truth. Amy feels caught in the middle of an unfair lie, and that covering the truth will only make matter’s worse. Amy and Brianna both believe that they should be telling the truth, as the truth will come-out eventually, whether Davut likes it or not.

Additionally, Davut’s family is starting to pressure him to get married and Amy is starting to freak out about her appearance because she wants Davut's family to accept her. She is starting to think about getting plastic surgery to be able to look youthful when she meets Davut's family. Davut has in fact offered to pay for minor procedures so that Amy appears younger than she actually is.

In the beginning Nick and Davut had an incredibly close "bromance.”  Amy loved being with someone who got along so well with her daughter and Nick. However, since Nick and Davut have become father’s something shifted in their relationship and the two can’t be in the same room together before things go South. They fight, yell, bicker and have man-tantrums. Both Nick and Davut are jealous, high-maintenance people with big ego’s and alpha-male energy, so having another guy/dad in the picture makes one another territorial and aggressive. Brianna and Amy are trying to keep their relationship strong despite Nick and Davut's constant feuding. Brianna often feels like she is in the middle and can't win because when choosing who to spend time with, if she picks her mom, Nick is upset and vice versa. Brianna and Amy want to spend every moment they can together and they desperately want Nick and Davut to find some common ground so they can be a happy family. 

Brianna and Amy would eventually like to get married to their boyfriends, but getting married also solidifies an already unstable family structure and threatens to even further separate and isolate Brianna and Amy from one another. The men in their lives are already overly demanding and critical of their mom and daughter relationship and getting married would only intensify and exacerbate an already volatile situation.  


·       Brianna and Amy breastfeed their children together, sometimes breastfeeding one another’s child

·       They sneak away from Nick and Davut so they can spend time together, often leaving without telling their boyfriends!

·       They love to party and go to festivals together

·       They plan trips so they can travel together

·       They tell each other everything - including graphic details of their sex lives

·       Amy and Brianna talk/Snapchat/text/FaceTime all day behind their boyfriend’s backs

·       Brianna and Amy share clothes and make up

·       Amy and Brianna get Botox and lip fillers together, they want to have plastic surgery and have "mommy makeovers" together


Amy and Brianna want to raise their children together. The feud between Nick and Davut makes them both feel uncomfortable to be in each-others homes. When Amy is visiting Brianna, Nick and his "OCD" make her feel unwelcome on top of his comments about Davut. For Brianna, going to see her mom is hard because Davut is "hot and cold" and she never knows what kind of mood he will be in when she and Xander arrive. Both women desperately want to be together and have their family be able to enjoy spending time together. Brianna feels isolated because she is surrounded by Nick's entire family because they all live nearby. Brianna and Amy want to be closer than ever but the relationships with their boyfriends is trying to pull them in different directions.