Shanton, CA

Age: 30
HT: 5’5” WT: 290Ibs
Occupation: Pastry Chef and Kitchen Manager at Sea Legs Wine Bar

Age: 33
HT: 5’8” WT: 313lbs
Occupation: Freelancer in TV/Film Production

Vivian and Harry met through a mutual friend during a chance encounter at Vivian’s restaurant. Three years later the couple is inseparable. Harry proposed during a romantic trip to NYC atop the Empire State building…complete with champagne and a bouquet of roses. Two years ago Vivian’s mother lost to a prolonged battle with cancer. The stress and pain have negatively impacted Vivian in a profound way, but she is optimistic and hopeful for the future, especially since she gets to marry the man of her dreams. Vivian and Harry are planning their wedding day on the day of Vivian’s parent’s anniversary as a way to honor and remember her mom. Vivian feels that a major turning point in her weight struggle is when her mom had cancer. It was a difficult time personally so Vivian turned to food as a coping mechanism. Harry then stepped in as a support system, but unfortunately his help translated into enabling bad eating habits for the both of them. Vivian is a Chef and a kitchen manager; she is therefore surrounded by the temptation of food all day. She is constantly tasting, sampling and snacking at work, OR she is doing the opposite…waiting until the end of a long shift and then binging on fast-food and junk food. Harry has always been the chubby kid growing up. He’s unhappy with his weight and is afraid of the health risks that it poses. He has lost 25 pounds recently but feels like he hit a brick wall and doesn’t know what to do in order to progress. With her being pre-diabetic, an upcoming wedding,  both Vivian and Harry are determined to make a change. They feel that losing weight in time for their wedding is important for their health, their emotional well-being and for a long life together. Vivian also wants to one day open her own bakery but she must have a healthy relationship with food before she does so.